Boy Drawing Easy | Step by Step Drawing for Beginners

Boy Drawing Easy: Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post today, I have provided boy drawing for all of you, which will be made very easily. I will explain how to draw a boy easy(Boy Drawing Easy). Friends, it’s very easy to make this Boy drawing Easy. To make this drawing, I have prepared a stepwise method for all of you in this blog post. so that you guys can make this drawing very easily. Hopefully, you will like this blog post very much, otherwise, you can tell us how you liked this article by contacting us on contact. If you want to make this drawing, then you read this article from beginning to end and read all the steps given below carefully.

How to make Boy Drawing Easy

Friends, to make this drawing, first of all you have to read and understand all the steps given below so that you do not get confused while making the drawing.

Step:1 First, Draw Semi Circle

boy drawing easy

So guys, first of all, we have to draw this guy’s hat. So to make its cap, we have to first draw a semi-circle. Now, we have just started. so basic things in which we have to make this drawing keeping many things in mind. As you will be able to see the image of this Boy drawing Easy, in this step. the round line is drawn under the semi-circle, Draw the part under the cape is drawn.

Step:2 Now you have to Draw the full Cap

So guys, now we have to draw the cap bill. It is very easy to draw, but it becomes a little difficult to maintain the shape. so you take full care of it, there is no mistake in drawing it. We have to erase the line below the semicircle that we drew the rounded line.

Step:3 Draw Face shape of Boy Drawing Easy

Boy Drawing Easy

Now we have to draw the shape of the boy’s face. So friends, to draw the shape of its face. we have to draw the shape of the rectangle type. after that, we have to draw the shape of its face. Friends I hope you all have understood by here. If you have understood this step well then read all the next steps.

Step:4 Draw Ear of Boy

Friends, now we have to draw the ear of this boy, which is very easy to draw. Friends, according to its face, you have to keep its ear size normal. If you do not do this, the face is small and according to that you keep the size of the ear large, then it will make the Boy drawing Easy very useless.

Step:5 Draw Face Parts of Boy

Boy Drawing easy

So guys, now we have to draw face parts of this boy like its eyes, nose, ears and mouth. First, we have to draw its eye. If you are not able to draw the eye, then you have other posts in your blog which have a tutorial of eye drawing, you should go and see that tutorial first. After drawing the eye we have to draw its nose ear and mouth which you can draw very easily.

Step:6 Draw Hair of boy

So guys, now we have to draw boy’s hair. Its hair will be drawn very easily. This is the smallest job inside this step. I hope you all have understood everything.

Step:7 Draw Jacket of Boy

Boy Drawing easy

So guys, now we have to draw this guy’s jacket. In the beginning, when drawing friends, the line you draw is to be drawn lightly. Many people make this mistake too much that they draw the pencil by darkening it in the beginning, which is very wrong, it leads to the biggest problem, when we erase the pencil when the mistake is, then its mark again Also remains.

Step:8 Draw Cap of Boy(Boy Drawing Easy)

So guys, now we have to sketch in this guy’s cap. The sketch has to be very dark, so if you use a 4B pencil, it will be better. The most important thing is that while sketching, you should not move the pencil outside so that there is no problem.

Step:9 Now Boy Drawing Has Been Made

boy drawing easy

So friends, now this Boy drawing Easy has been made completely, now we are left to sketch in it. Now we have to sketch in the boy’s face and jacket. You can make this drawing very easily by looking through the image of this drawing.


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