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Hello, Friends, Everyone is welcome in today’s blog post. The drawing of friends today is related to 3d drawing. And this Door illusion drawing is very Amazing. Friends, I hope you like this drawing very much, and you must definitely tell me how you felt like this article.

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I have given you the video tutorial of this drawing below. Although I definitely give a video tutorial in every blog post. but the video was necessary for this post. Because the given image is only one and you will not understand how to draw this illusion in this image. I needed to give a video tutorial in this blog post. So friends, if you want you to understand this(3d drawing easy) article then read our blog post from beginning to end.

How to Draw an illusion Door(3D Drawing easy)

3d drawing easy

Materials: A4 Plan Sheet, STABILO Pen 68, dark grey, DERWENT charcoal pencil dark, Kneaded erase & Cotton.

So friends should first have this material to make this drawing. If you just make this 3d drawing, then you can make easy this drawing by just using an HB pencil. First of all, friends, using black markers, you have to draw a door in a rectangular shape and after that, you have to draw the stairs inside the marker.  Friends, I hope that you have come to understand everything even if you feel that you are having trouble understanding, then you can tell us by visiting our contact us page or by message or commenting on our blog post. After drawing the stairs you have to do the shade in the door and in the stairs, You can find the way to do the shading in the video tutorial below.

Watch in the following video


So, friends, I have provided you with this video tutorial so that you can easily draw your drawing by looking at this video without any problem.

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Friends, I hope you like this article very much, How do you feel about this article, please tell us by commenting.