3D Hole Drawing-Step by Step 3ddrawing

How to draw 3D hole

The material used in this drawing: Thin Black Pen, Letraset Promarker pens (Grey and Black), A4 watercolour paper, Used thick paper. 3d hole drawing is very amazing.

To make this drawing you have to follow some steps below so that you can draw this drawing in the way.

Step:1 Draw shape of the hole

3d hole drawing

In this drawing, first, you have to make the shape of this hole. This 3d hole drawing looks like a crack, it’s going to make you like this, as it is in the image. This shape looks like an awkwardness, but after drawing it, it will look great.

Step:2 Draw the cross in the bottom

3D Hole Drawing-Step by Step 3ddrawing

Where I have made the arrow, downside you have to make a small cross. This cross has to be drawn in between This cross is temporarily not permanent. This cross will be erased later.

Step:3 Draw these lines inside this hole(3d hole drawing)

3d hole drawing

You may be confusing why this cross has been drawn. Look at the image of this drawing in the way, you may find out why we had drawn this cross. Let’s still tell you. This cross is drawn so that we have drawn the lines inside this hole. These lines have to be intersected with this cross so that after making this hole, it looks 3 dimensional.

Step:4 Now outline with Black Marker

3D Hole Drawing-Step by Step 3ddrawing

We have made our drawing(3d hole drawing) so far in that we have to outline the black marker. After outlining the friends, we have to remove the drawn from this pencil so that pencil lines are not visible. My Friends, I’m explaining so much by expanding you so that you do not have any problems in making this drawing and you succeed in making this drawing.

Step:5 Fill Black & grey Marker in a hole

3d hole drawing

Now you have to fill with the black marker and grey marker inside this hole. Inside this hole is a very fabulous technique used. Only then will this hole look 3 dimensional. You have to do as friends are shaded in this image, If you do not agree with this image then it is not a matter of concern that I have provided a video of this drawing for you below. You can see this drawing from it and make it happen.

Step:6 Do more Dark and complete your drawing(3d hole drawing)

3d hole drawing

After that, you have to do even more dark shading in this drawing so that the extraction of this drawing becomes even more. Friends, I have given you all the information related to this drawing. Your turn is now how you can make my drawing. Do not make this drawing from you as you thought in your mind and try again and again, I will hope that you can also make this drawing for the first time and complete it.

Watch in the following Video


Friends, I have provided you video tutorial of this 3h hole drawing so that you can make your drawing even better by looking at it. I hope you like this post of mine. And tell me how you liked this post by commenting on me in this post. If you have not yet allowed notifications on my website then do so so that you can pick up the uploading post first.

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