Alan Walker drawing-Step by Step

Hello friends how are you all? Hopefully, You will be good. All of you are welcome in today’s blog post. In this drawing, we have brought you, Alan Walker Drawing. It is very easy to make this drawing. Today Alan Walker’s drawing is provided for you in front of you. I hope you all will like today’s blog post. Dj Alan Walker is a very Famous Musician. It is very easy to make his drawing but you may feel that this drawing is very difficult, so I have also provided the following video tutorials in my description so that you can make this drawing very easily. If you want to know how this drawing was made then read this post from beginning to last.\

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How to Make Alan Walker Drawing

To make this drawing, first, you have to follow the following 5 steps. 

Step:1 Start with Shape of  body

alan walker drawing

First of all, you have to make Alan Walker’s body shape and make Alan Walker logo with him on his back. The shape of the body is perfect because if your drawing starts well from the beginning, the end of your drawing will be great. First, you need to draw a pencil while using pencil, because if there is a mistake in our drawing then we can easily erase it.

Step:2 Outline on Alan Walker

Alan Walker drawing-Step by Stepalan walker drawing

Now you have to outline Alan Walker’s body. So that the drawing of Alan Walker showed little interaction. If you do not understand anything on this blog post, you can message me by going to the contact page of my website. I can solve your problem.

Step:3 Shade in Alan Walker body

alan walker drawing

After that, you have to shade from the HB pencil and outline the black sketch in Alan Walker’s logo inside the drawing of Alan Walker. Shading is to be done continuously until the whole body is sketched. Alan Walker drawing is very easy to draw and very amazing. So that Alan Walker drawing looks really real. After all, this drawing will look great and even realistic.

Step:4 Fill Black colour with a black sketch

alan walker drawing

Now you have to colour it with a black sketch. Do not leave the logo and black colour in the body until the whole back is black. The black colour is to be done very carefully because the black colour does not get out. If the black colour goes out then the drip will be totally useless and will not attract any attention.

Step:5 Complete this drawing

alan walker drawingAlan Walker drawing-Step by Step

Now we have to finish our drawing. Now you have to do Shading from the HB pencil on the side of Allen Walker’s outline so that the drawing is very attractive.

Video Tutorial


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Alan Walker drawing-Step by Step

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Alan Walker drawing-Step by StepAlan Walker drawing-Step by Step

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