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Today I have created amazing 3d drawings in my blog post which is quite attractive and good, drawing is 3 the drawing a hole, I have created 3d drawing Which is rare But no matter what we do it is fame, Today I have made a drawing that is 3d A hole on line paper #vkarts, So in today’s blog you will tell me how to make 3d A hole on line paper step by step on paper.

How to draw amazing 3d drawings A hole in line paper.

Material used: Fabric-castlell drawing pencil HB and 8B pencil used in this drawing.

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First you need to follow my 3 step for draw 3d A hole on line paper.

Step:1 You will need an HB pencil to make A hole in line paper first,So you have to create A hole in line paper which I have put in the image.

Step:2 Then you will need an 8B pencil, with 8B pencil, you have to make many straight lines on paper.

Step:3 So you have to create a shadow in A hole  that you want to make the shadow in the right side or make it on the left side.

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Watch in following video how to draw amazing 3d drawings.

source-youtube/Jonathan harris ..

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Amazing 3d drawings vkarts

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