Anime Eyes Drawing | Sketch of Anime Eyes Step by Step

Anime Eyes Drawing, Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Anime Eyes has been provided in this article. This drawing is made in a very easy way in this article. Many things have been provided to you in this article so that you will be able to make this drawing very easily. Friends, although I have already posted related to Eyes Drawing, if you want to see more posts related to Eyes Drawing, then you can search by visiting our blog’s home page. Hope you like this blog post. In this blog post, we have provided four steps and a video tutorial of this drawing.

Friends, if you want to make this drawing, then read this article from beginning to end and watch the video tutorial also.

Anime Eyes Drawing

So friends, By the way, all of you must have found out by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article, what kind of art is provided in this article. Steps are given in the next Paragarpag, which are very important to make this drawing.

Step:1 First you have to draw two parallel lines and a circle

anime eyes drawing

Friends, now we have to draw two parallel lines. After drawing the lines we have to draw two circles. One circle is to be drawn on the left and one circle on the right. You can see the image in this step of how the circle is drawn. hope you understand by now.

Step:2 Now draw the shape of Eyes

Anime Eyes Drawing | Sketch of Anime Eyes Step by Step

So friends, now we have to draw the shape of the eyes. You can see in the image of this step how the shape of the eyes is drawn. If you understand this step you have to read the remaining steps.

Step:3 Erase the Parallel lines

anime eyes drawing

Now we have to remove the parallel line. Now you must be thinking that why the lines were drawn and why are they erasing, then you can understand these parallel lines as guidelines, with the help of these lines, we have to keep the location of the eyes. I hope you understand my point.

Step:4 Anime Eyes drawing has been made

anime eyes drawing

Friends, now this drawing is completely done. Let us last draw the lens between the eyes. We have to sketch inside the lens. You can make this drawing easily. In the last, you have to watch the video of this Sketch.

Watch the Video of Anime Eyes Drawing