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How to draw an Apple (Drawing)

apple drawing

Materials: Art Line Love Art Sketch Pencils, Apsara Non-Dust Eraser, Cartridge Paper, Camel Artists Fixative Spray.

So friends, if you have to create a similar Apple drawing then you must do this material to make this drawing more than this if you need more information about the material of this drawing, you can go to the video’s description on youtube. Friends, you have to draw the apple’s pen with pencil first.

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After drawing the shape, you have to draw the leaf, Now after this, you have to do Shading in Apple Shading you have to do very carefully. While shading from pencil, you do not want to take out shading from Apple, otherwise, the sketching will not look good. Friends, I’m not going to tell you much about this drawing, you can watch the video after this next paragraph.

Watch video Apple Drawing


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Friends, I have provided this video tutorial for you so that you can watch this video and you can make this drawing without any problems. How to draw a Bird Very Easy to draw.

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