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How to draw apple pencil drawing.

Firstly, to make this drawing you have to follow the given 3 steps.

Step:1 To make this drawing, first you need some material, that material is Fabric-castlell drawing pencil HB and 8B pencil used in this drawing. If you have to buy a better quality pencil then please click here.

Step:2 After that you first have to draw Apple’s shape from HB, Apple’s Shape has shown you in the image of your blog post. You can also create it by looking at it.

Step:3 After making Apple’s shape, we need 8B pencils. From 8B pencil we have to do Apple’s dark shading Well you can do a light shading too I like dark shading so I have dark shading.

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I am giving you video tutorial.

How to shade with pencil for beginners.


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It took me 30 minutes, It was very amazing drawing for 3d drawings on paper draw by # vkarts friends.

how to draw 3d drawings on paper by # 3v karts

how to draw apple pencil drawing on paper step by step #vk arts

Funny and easy drawing videos for kids learn, it took me 1 hour

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