Ballerina Drawing | Amazing drawing of Ballerina in Four Steps

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today I have provided a ballerina drawing. It is very easy to make this drawing. You just have to understand some important points to make this art. This drawing is specially provided for beginners. Some materials will be needed to make this drawing. I hope you all will like this drawing and this article of ours too. By the way, such drawings are very much liked, so today I have provided a blog post related to this topic. To make this drawing, some steps and a video tutorial have been provided so that you can make this drawing more easily.

Friends, if you want to make this drawing, then read this article completely and do not forget to watch some of the given steps and video tutorials.

Ballerina Drawing

So friends, In this blog post we will discuss this amazing art. We discuss the main points about this ballerina Drawing. I hope you draw this amazing drawing properly. If you want to draw this so you have to prepare this drawing procedure and the already available material for this sketch.

Step:1 First You have to draw Two different sizes of Circle

ballerina drawing

So friends, First of all, You have to draw Two different sizes of circles. You have to draw the first circle bigger, which will be below the smaller circle. You have to draw the second circle on top of the bigger circle, a little on the right side. hope you understand.

Step:2 Now draw the face of Ballerina

Ballerina Drawing | Amazing drawing of Ballerina in Four Steps

Friends, now we have to draw the face of the ballerina. Which is very easy. To draw its face, you have to draw the parts of its face. First, you have to draw its eyes which are closed. After that, we have to draw its nose and mouth.

Step:3 Now Draw the Dress

ballerina drawing

Friends, this is the third step of this drawing. In this step, we have to draw the dress of the ballerina. While drawing the dress, we have to draw its hands as well. You have to draw this very carefully. hope you understand.

Step:4 Ballerina Drawing has been made

ballerina drawing

This is the last step of this article. This drawing is completely done in this step. Last we have to draw some remaining things. At last, let us now sketch. After reading these steps, once you must watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch the Video of Ballerina Drawing