Barbie Drawing | How to draw Barbie For Beginners

Barbie Drawing, How to draw Barbie for beginners step by step. Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog post, In this blog post i have explained about this barbie drawing. In this blog entry you need to peruse the each point appropriately. I trust you like this blog entry without a doubt. On the off chance that you need to draw this Drawing of young lady you need to peruse this article appropriately. Pretty drawing I have given in my blog ordinarily previously. In the event that you need to see presents related on young lady drawing, at that point you can look on this current blog’s landing page. Incidentally, I have given a few stages and video instructional exercise of this attracting to make this drawing considerably more without any problem.

Barbie Drawing

So friends, In this paragraph let’s talk about this drawing. I hope you like this drawing very much. After that you have to read the steps of this drawing. In the step you understand about this drawing.

Step:1 Draw the Face of Barbie Girl

barbie drawing

Soi friends, First of all you have to draw the shape of face of Barbie Girl. To draw this barbie you have to need HB pencil and Pencil Colours. After draw the shape of face you have to draw the parts of Face. In the parts of face you have to draw the Eyes, Nose and Lips. I hope you understand this step. If you understand by this point you have to read all the remaining steps.

Step:2 Draw the hairs of Barbie

Barbie Drawing | How to draw Barbie For Beginners

So friends, Now you have to draw the hairs of Barbie Girl. I hope you like the image of this drawing. You have to draw hair very carefully without any mistake.

Step:3 Now You to Draw the Dress

barbie drawing

So friends, Now you have to draw the dress of barbie girl. I hope you draw this properly. In this step you have to learn about to draw the dress and shape of dress’s parts.

Step:4 Now draw the Hands and Legs(Barbie Drawing)

Barbie Drawing | How to draw Barbie For Beginners

Now you have to draw the Hands of girl. To draw the hands of girl you have to draw two lines like a Parallel Line. In this step of image you have to see full hair of girl. You have to draw the full hair of barbie girl. In the last you have to draw the both legs of girl. I hope you understand by this point.

Step:5 Now you have to fill Colours

barbie drawing

So friends, Now in this step you have to colour in the barbie girl. Do colour carefully because if the colour outside of this drawing the drawing is useless. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this step.

Watch the video of Barbie Drawing

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