Beautiful Girl Sketch | How to draw a Girl With Butterfly

Beautiful girl sketch, Today in this blog post I have provided a sketch of the beautiful girl. Hope you all like it. The blog post of drawing a lot related to friends girl is published on this blog, if you want, you can see it by searching. If you want to make this drawing, then firstly you must know the information that is in this article. To make a girl sketch you will need some material which is explained in the following paragraph. Friends, a post is being published on our blog daily, if you want that daily post will continue to be published in this way. Then you must share our blog post and also give an idea by commenting on what kind of drawing the next post is on.

Beautiful Girl Sketch

So, friends, I hope you like this drawing very much. Well, This drawing is not so hard to draw, If you want to draw this Girl you have to understand some basic points that are given below steps. You have to understand how to draw and sketch. Some steps and Video tutorial is given in this article, If you do not understand some points you have to watch the video tutorial of this drawing. In the video tutorial, Understand how to sketch and draw the Face of a girl or Everything is explain what you want to know about this drawing.

Step:1 Draw Lines in the Rectangular shape

Beautiful Girl Sketch | How to draw a Girl With Butterfly

So, friends, you will be able to see in the image of this drawing that there is a rectangular box in which some lines have been drawn. First of all, you have to draw a rectangle shape, one of your things will be noticed that the shape that is in this image is not directly. This image also gives guidance for the measurement of how much distance we have to keep between the lines.

Step:2 Draw the Face of Girl

Beautiful Girl Sketch | How to draw a Girl With Butterfly

Now you have to draw the face of this girl. We drew this shape so that we can draw the shape of this girl’s face very well. You have to draw the shape of the girl’s face from her cheek to the right side. You will be able to see the shape that we have to draw right now in the image of this drawing. After this, we have to draw the eyes of the girl who is closed. After drawing the eyes, we have to draw its nose. Guys have to draw the parts of this girl’s face carefully so that there is no mistake because it is very important to get the shape right.

Step:3 Draw Lips of Girl

Beautiful girl sketch

So, friends, We have to draw its eyebrow before drawing its lip. Now we have to draw this girl’s lips. To draw its lips, first, we have to draw the shape of its lips. You have to draw the shape in the right way so that there is no mistake in the draw. I hope you understand everything by this step.

Step:4 Now draw Hairs

Beautiful girl sketch

So friends, now we have to draw this girl’s hair. You have to draw it by drawing random linings only. Right now we are drawing the line to draw its hair, after that we have to sketch in it, which is very important.

Step:5 Draw Butterfly on the Hair of Girl and Sketch

Beautiful girl sketch

So guys, now we have to do sketching. Before drawing, we have to draw a butterfly on the girl’s hair. To draw a butterfly, first of all, we have to draw the structure of the butterfly body, after that, we have to fill color in it. Now we have to sketch the girl’s hair, lips, and face. Friends, I hope all of you have liked this article. Similarly, you will continue to receive daily updates on our blog

Watch the Video of Beautiful Girl Sketch

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