Beluga Whale drawing | Easy Step by Step Drawing

Hello Friends, In this blog post I have provided a Beluga Whale drawing. It is very easy to draw. Proper six steps are provided given below. I hope you like this Beluga Whale drawing. If you want to draw this beluga whale so you have to read all the steps given below. I hope you draw this beluga whale properly.

Beluga Whale Drawing

So, hello guys here today we are going to tell you how to draw a Beluga whale drawing. And we will tell share some interesting facts with you also. So now first let us know about the Beluga whale, so, basically, these types of fish are arctic ir sub-arctic cetacean. According to the encyclopedia, the mass of the adult narwhal is 1,400 kg and has a life span of 30 to 50 years. The scientific name for this little creature is Delphinapterus leucas.

It belongs to the family of monodontidae. They live in the Arctic Ocean and its nearby seas In the northern hemisphere. They are common to some of the regions like Greenland, Russia, Alaska, and today. They are five feet long at the time when they are born and adults grow up 11-15 feet long you know that females are smaller as compared to the males, rarely growing up the last 12 feet long. So guys let’s start with how to make the drawing . Let’s start with the first step given below

Step:1 Draw Circle

beluga whale drawing

So guys here is the first step of this Beluga Whale drawing. First, let’s know some facts about the Beluga whale, So, they are also known as the ‘sea canaries’ they are the most vocal whales of all the whales you know that the belugas are closely related to the narwhal; and they are the only two members of the Monodontidae family.

So, let’s here begin with the first step, in this step you have to, first of all, make a small rough circle as you can see in the picture above.

Step:2 Draw Two more circle

Beluga Whale drawing | Easy Step by Step Drawing

So guys here is the second step to making this beluga whale drawing. Do you know from where the word ‘beluga’ came? It came from a Russian word below which means white. However, the whales are born dark grey in color it takes them 8 years before they turn completely white(beluga fish drawing).

Now let’s come back to the step in this step we have to draw a small circle as compared to the circle drawn earlier circle at the right side of the previous circle drawn in the first step. Now we have to draw the same size as the first circle at the left of that circle.

Step:3 Joint all these circle

beluga whale drawing

So here we have come to the third step. You know that one fact about beluga is that it can swim backward. And beluga can also change the shape of its bulbous forehead called the ‘melon’ by blowing air around its sinuses. Now here, in this third step, we have to make the rough body structure outline of the fish as you can see in the image attached to this file.

Step:4 Draw Wings and face of Beluga Fish

Beluga Whale drawing | Easy Step by Step Drawing

Here we have come to the fourth step of the beluga fish beluga whale drawing a little far complete the drawing. Do you guys know that In 2009, a captive of the beluga whales rescued a distressed participant in a freediving competition by pushing her to the surface? Now here back to the step in this step you have ti, first of all, draw the shape of a small tail of the fish and then draw the shape of the fin, once take a look at the image and then you can draw easily.

Step:5 Erase circle and Guidelines

beluga whale drawing

Here is the fifth step and the second last step to draw this drawing. Let’s talk about the food of beluga food what do you think it eats? So beluga fish eats snails, squid, crabs, sandworms, clams, octopus,, and shrimp. Beluga fish eats a variety of fish including the smelt, flatfish, eulachon, salmon, etc. Now here in this step, we have to draw the eye and the outline of the fish properly and we have to erase the guidelines or the extra lines or shapes which we drawn.

Step:6 Beluga Fish drawing has been made

beluga whale drawing

Here is the last and the sixth step of this beluga whale drawing in this step we have to shade the fish and our Beluga Whale drawing is ready. I hope you all guys enjoyed making this beluga whale drawing and liked the facts which were shared to you.

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