Bison Drawing in 5 Steps

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post, I have provided bison drawing for all of you. I have provided this bison drawing for the first time in my blog. I want you all to give good response to this type of drawing if you like this type of drawings. I hope you all will definitely like this bison drawing. To make this drawing, some material will be required, which all of you will know below in this blogpost.

Five steps have been provided to make this drawing, in each step you will get the image stepwise, hope you all will definitely like this drawing. In the end, the video tutorial of this drawing has also been provided. In the video tutorial, you will get a better understanding of how this drawing will be made.

If you want to make this drawing, then definitely read this article from beginning to end, understand all the given steps very well. Be sure to also follow the link of the video tutorial given in the last.

Bison Drawing

Friends, below are some steps of this drawing. Read all the steps carefully. Images of this drawing are given in all these steps. This drawing can be made completely by drawing all the images. hope you all will be able to make this drawing well


Step:1 Draw Circle

Bison Drawing in 5 Steps

First of all we have to draw this circle. it’s very easy to draw.

Step:2 Draw Two Small circles on both sides of the big circle

bison drawing

Now both the side circles of the middle circle have to be drawn whose size will be smaller than the middle circle.

Step:3 Draw Some Guidelines

bison drawing

Some guidelines have to be drawn. With the help of these guidelines, we will be able to draw the body of this bison well.

Step:4 Draw Face and Bodyparts of Bison

bison drawing

Now we have to draw the body and face of the bison. In bodyparts you have to draw normally these body parts which you will be seeing.

Step:5 Bison Drawing has been made

bison drawing

So friends, now this drawing is completely done. To make this drawing we just have to sketch in the last.

Click here to watch the full video

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