Black Girl Drawing Realistic | Charcoal Pencil

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today I have provided a black girl drawing in this blog post. Till date, all the posts of girls drawing in this blog have been published and I have loved them very much. It is not so easy to make this Black girl drawing. Only these experts can make it. But mostly I have prepared this post so that those beginners can try and make this drawing. The best thing is that in this article, I have provided a video tutorial of this drawing for all of you so that you can get an idea of how to make this drawing. If you will watch the video tutorials of this drawing with money once before making this Black Girl drawing. Then all of you may be able to make this Black Girl drawing in the manner.

Black Girl Drawing


Friends, you can see how neatly this drawing is made. You can make this drawing very easily if you want to make. Friends, I have explained stepwise in every blog post, but in it, you have been given only video tutorials and you can make this drawing very easily by watching video tutorials. Friends, daily blog posts will continue to be published in this way, just keep giving love to our blog in the same way. Share our post is necessary if you like our post. I can tell you a little bit about this drawing.

So friends, to make this drawing, firstly you will need toned grey paper, on which you have to make this drawing. After that, you have to start making this drawing, in which you have to first draw this girl using an HB pencil. First of all, we have to draw the shape of the girl’s face. In this drawing, the girl’s side face is drawn. In the same way, we have to draw her face by shaping the girl’s nose, eye and lips. After that, you have to draw its ear. When you draw his face, you have to draw his hair. Now the last work is of sketching, you can see in the video tutorial. And those who know a little bit about drawing. They can make this Black Girl drawing by looking at the image of this drawing.

Watch in the Following Video

So friends, let’s finish today’s topic here. Watch the video tutorial of this drawing and if you like this article, then please comment by telling it. If you have not yet approved the notification of our website, do it quickly because in this way the posts of Daily Drawings will continue to be published and after reaching you first.


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