Boy Drawing Anime: Step by Step Full Video Tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. So friends, in this blog post I have provided Boy Drawing Anime for all of you. which will be explained to all of you How to Draw Anime Boy. It is very easy to make this drawing. you will come to know when you read this post. To make this drawing, I have not provided stepwise method like every time because I have provided the video tutorial of this Boy drawing Anime. Whatever material has been used to make this Boy drawing. if you want to know, you can see in the video description.

So friends, if you want to be able to make this drawing. Then you must see this article from the beginning to the end and watch the video tutorial.

How to Draw Anime Boy

boy drawing anime

Friends, you will be able to see the image of this drawing, I have mapped all the steps below. in which way you have to be careful while making this drawing.

  • Friends, to make this Boy drawing Anime, first of all, you have to draw a medium-size circle. After drawing the circle, you have to draw a shape from the circle from below which will be chin.
  • So friends, when you draw the shape of its chin after drawing a circle. then after that, you have to draw the shape of its nose and its lips.
  • Now you have to draw the eye of the anime boy who is very attractive in this drawing.
  • Now you have to erase the circle from above. We drew the circle so that we can draw the shape of its face.
  • After that, Now draw its neck. Draw the nose you have to draw its hair. After drawing all this, you have to sketch in it.
  • You can see the way to sketch in the video tutorial. which is given in the last paragraph.

Do not make these mistakes while making this drawing

  • While making the drawing, most people make too much of a mistake that in the beginning. while making the drawing, the pencil runs dark. Moving the pencil dark is a big problem when making a mistake while drawing and leaving a mark even after erasing it.
  • The second biggest mistake is that while making the drawing, apply your hands repeatedly to the drawing sheet. By doing this, the black pencil on the drawing sheet is stolen.
  • When most people make mistakes. Then the pencil has to run in the same place repeatedly, which spoils the drawn line.

Watch in the following video

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