BTS Drawing | How to draw BTS Step by Step | Pencil Sketch

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided BTS drawing for all of you. Well, today for the first time I have provided BTS drawing for the first time. Friends, in this way you will continue to get the drawing updates daily. I hope you all are liking all the drawings of our blog. Our main work in this drawing sketches in it. And there are many things that have been told in this article to make this drawing, such as the technique of making this drawing. I hope you all have understood. Five steps have been provided to make this sketch and a video tutorial is also provided.

If you want to draw this BTS you have to read this article properly and understand all the steps and video tutorials. I hope you all like this blog post.


Step:1 First you have to draw Intersect Line

So, friends To make this drawing, first, we have to draw some intersect lines. There is only one motive for drawing lines that we have to draw the face of BTS. Measure those lines and then draw them, which you can see in the image of this step.

Step:2 Draw Eyes and Nose of BTS Drawing

So friends, now we have to draw its eyes and nose. Now we have to draw only the shape of the eyes and nose, after that, we have to sketch in it. I hope you understand by now.

Step:3 Draw Lips of BTS

BTS Drawing

Now we have to draw its lips. To draw lips, first, you have to draw the shape of the lips. Very carefully you have to draw the shape of its lips.

Step:4 Draw Shape of Ears and draw hairs of BTS

BTS Drawing

Now draw the shape of its ear. After drawing the shape of the ear, we have to draw its hair. you can draw it very easily. If you understand by this step now you have to read all the remaining steps.

Step:5 Sketch in Face of BTS

BTS Drawing

Friends, now we have to sketch on its face. With the help of a blending stump, you can sketch on its face. Very light sketching has to be done on its face.

Step:6 Now BTS Drawing has been made

BTS Drawing

This drawing is completely done. Last we have to sketch in its hair. hope you all understand. If you have any doubt about this BTS Drawing so you have to watch the video tutorial of this drawing and understand it properly.

Watch the Video of BTS Drawing