Cartoon Drawing | Mickey Mouse Drawing Easy For Kids

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post I have provided cartoon drawing for all of you. Which will be explained to all of you How to draw Mickey Mouse step by step. To make this drawing, you will need some material and a little trick you will have to try it. By the way, making this drawing for kids is very easy, just a little bit, you have to carefully color it. Some steps are given to make this drawing. Some steps are given to make this drawing which are very important. Hope you all like this article.

Mickey Mouse Cartoon Drawing Image

cartoon drawing

So friends, This is the image of this drawing, I hope you like the image of this drawing. To draw this you have to need the material for this drawing. After that draw this carefully. Well I have provide also the mickey mouse drawing on this blog, If you want to check you have to go on the home page and do search. Mickey Mouse Cartoon drawing is very easy to draw for kids and beginners. This drawing is specially for kids. Few steps of this drawing are given below and if you interested to draw this Mickey Mouse Drawing, So you have to read all the steps these are given below.


So friends, First you have to draw the both ears of Mickey Mouse. To draw the ears of Mickey Mouse you have to draw the shape like a Circle. You have to draw the shape very carefully, Because shape are very important for starting of drawings. I hope you understand, If you understand this you have to read remaining steps Given below


So friends, Now you have to draw the shape of this face of mouse. To draw the shape you have to need the black sketch. After that draw the face parts of Mickey Mouse.


So, This is the last step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the face parts of mickey mouse. In the face parts of this you have to draw Eyes, Nose, Mouth & Tongue.

Friends, These are all the steps of this drawing, I hope you like and understand these all steps. The video tutorial given below, video tutorial is also more important to draw this Mickey Mouse.

Watch the Video of Mickey Mouse Cartoon Drawing

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