Christmas Santa Claus Drawing | How to draw Santa Claus

Hi, companions Welcome to this Christmas Santa Claus Drawing. this drawing, I will disclose how to Make this Festival art. In this instructional exercise, I have given the video instructional exercise of this drawing, That is the astounding pieces of this instructional exercise. In the event that you need to draw this, you can watch the full video instructional exercise of this drawing. To make this celebration attracting you need to require some material. On the off chance that you need to understand what kind of material needed in this attracting you need to go the portrayal of the video instructional exercise.

If you need to draw this celebration craftsmanship, You need to peruse this full instructional exercise and watch the video instructional exercise of this drawing.

Christmas Santa Claus Drawing

Step:1 Draw Eyes of Santa Claus

Christmas Santa Claus Drawing

In this step, you have to draw the eyes of Santa Claus. I hope you draw easily. This is the picture of this drawing. this is so delightful drawing of Christmas Santa Claus Drawing. I trust you like this drawing without question. In the event that you need to draw this way. You need to draw this cautiously and need the information on this kind of drawing from this blog. In the event that you need this kind of attracting you need to look on our blog and offer this post then I will distribute routinely this sort of drawing.

Step:2 Draw Nose and Mustache of Santa

So friends in this step you have to draw Nose and Mustache. I hope you draw this part perfectly. After that draw the mouth of santa.

Step:3 Draw hat(Christmas Santa Claus Drawing)

Christmas Santa Claus Drawing

Now you have to draw hat of santa claus. To draw this cap you have to draw shape of this hat. In this tutorial you need to black sketch to draw this.

Step:4 Draw beard

Now you the beard of Santa Claus. I suggest you to draw this santa, First you have to use HB Pencil, After that draw with black sketch. Outline on this with the help of black sketch.

Step:5 Now colour in it

Christmas Santa Claus Drawing

Now you have to colour in this. Use sketch colours in this christmas Santa Claus drawing.

So, friends, I hope you understand these three steps in this drawing. To draw this Christmas scene first you have to read all the three steps. It is very important to read the tutorial. I hope you understand.