Christmas Tree Drawing Easy in 4 Steps

Christmas Tree Drawing Easy, Today we will make a drawing of a Christmas tree which we will create and color in a normal way with the help of a pencil, on which 1 star is placed and balloons are hanging in it for decoration. We will make it with the help of a pencil and color it with the help of color. The Christmas tree is very important for Christian people(Christmas Tree Drawing Easy). The shape of the Christmas tree is like the shape of a cone.

It is green like all trees. It plays an important role in Christmas. On Christmas day, decorate the Christmas tree with the help of lights, toffees, balloons, and candles. The Christmas festival comes on 25th December every year, the biggest day of the year. We will make a Christmas battery in the shape of blood with a pencil. And we will put a lining in the middle of it, we will make a round circle in the middle, inside which we will color it with many colors.

Material Used in Christmas Tree Drawing Easy Tutorial

Christmas Tree Drawing easy

To make the Christmas tree, we need a pencil, a razor, a sharpener, and a scale. To color it, we need a set of wax colors.

Step:1 First of all Draw Star on the Top

First of all, we will take the page and draw a star on its top, with the help of a pencil and a scale, we will make a triangle key, near which we will make 4 more triangles at 90-degree angles. Which will be connected together and will come in the shape of a star. After making a big move the pencil diagonally from the side of the star and bring it down. I hope you understand this in the Christmas tree drawing easy tutorial.

Similarly moving the pencil from the other side of the star will bring it to the other side. In which shape will you draw a line just below the star? Then we will connect it in the form of a parabola from the middle, doing the same, we will make another shape below it and connect it in the form of a parabola. Just below it, we will make another apple, we will connect it in the same way, and we will move the pencil up and down in the middle, to celebrate this tree, we will connect six different parts together(Christmas tree drawing easy).

Step:2 Draw the shape of a Christmas tree

After that, after moving the pencil up and down in the middle of the tree, which will provide a different shape to the tree, instead of moving the pencil straight from the side, it will repeatedly turn and bring it down.

Will make the tree in five different parts. Now below the star part, we will make small egg-shaped shapes with the help of a pencil, these will be in different parts of the tree. Inside it, how to make 9 or 10 balloons in different parts of it which will be circular.

Now below this two small lines will be drawn just below the center of the tree. This will act as the trunk of the tree. Will add in a round way just below. The distance between them will be 1 centimeter.

Step:3 Draw Some Guidelines For Christmas Tree

After which shading of all these departments will be done. Will run the pencil well in all parts. After this we will color all the parts with pencil color, in this, we will use two colors. Dark Green and Light Green. Will set all its expressions well with a pencil, the pencil will not fail anywhere and will make the middle lines crooked.

And will make the circle made in the middle completely circular. In the lower part, the distance of each circle from the other should be about 1 cm, and whose diameter should be 2 mm. And all the parts of the trees should be different, and each part will be drawn differently with a pencil.

Step:4 Christmas Tree Drawing is Completed

Coloring and Shading – In this section, we will color all the parts. In this, we will color the star part with yellow color. And it’s the middle part with light yellow color and the 12 parts with dark yellow color in Christmas Tree Drawing Easy.

The top half of the tree will be colored with dark green color. Slowly set the half part with pencil color, slowly color it with dark green color, then color its lower part with light green color. Similarly, color will be used in all its parts, while coloring will use pencil color well.

Will color the stem below it completely with light brown color. And the dark black color will run on all outer lines. So that its highlight looks different. In the middle, all the heads will be colored with different colors of yellow and red, while coloring them, utmost care will be taken for cleanliness(Christmas tree drawing easy).

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