Cloud Drawing Step by Step For Kids | Cute Unicorn Cloud

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Since last night there was some problem with my website, I might have tried to open my website but could not open it. If you want to keep uploading regular posts for you in the same way. Then you should share my blog as much as possible so that information of this way can be available to most people. So today in this blog post. I have provided a cute unicorn cloud drawing for all of you. which you can be very happy to see. This article is specially designed for kids because this drawing is very easy to make.


Although it is very easy to make this Cloud drawing. I have made this drawing even easier for you. I have given the video tutorial of this drawing below, seeing that you will not have to work very hard to make this drawing. If you also want that you can draw this drawing, So you will read this article properly and don’t forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Make Cloud Drawing

To make this drawing, first of all, you have to read all the steps below.

Step:1 First Draw the Horn of unicorn Cloud

Cloud Drawing

First of all, you have to draw the horn of the unicorn cloud. Well, it is very easy to draw. You have to make this drawing very carefully because if you make any mistake in making this drawing then you will have to make the cloud drawing again. Making friends drawing is not so difficult as you think because if you draw carefully then you can make this drawing very easily.

Step:2 Draw Shape of Cloud

Cloud Drawing Step by Step For Kids | Cute Unicorn Cloud

So friends, now we have come to the second step, in which you do not have to do much, just draw a cloud. now you have to draw the shape of this cloud. One thing to keep in mind while drawing its shape is that you do not want to make any mistake in the shape, if there is a mistake then it will be very difficult for you to make a drawing. I hope you have understood this step carefully.

Step:3 Draw eyes of Unicorn Cloud(Drawing)

Cloud drawing

Friends, this cloud is very attractive to see. So friends, let’s try that we too can draw eyes in exactly the same way. To draw an eye you have to draw a small circle. After drawing a circle, you have to draw two circles inside the same circle. First of all, you have to draw a big circle, then you have to draw a small circle under the big circle. I hope you will have understood that you have to draw its eye.

Step:4 Cloud Drawing has been made

Cloud Drawing

Now our last work in this drawing is left which is to draw its face. After reading this article, if you have any problem in making this drawing, then you can watch the video tutorial of this drawing. Which you will get before the last paragraph below.

Watch video Cute Unicorn Drawing


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