Colossal titan drawing in 6 Steps

Colossal titan drawing. Hello guys, here today I have come with the cartoon drawing of colossal Titan. So, during the season three episode 18 of Attack of Titan. Armin was veery badly injured and there was only one way to save him that was to give him the Titan serum.

So he was given the Titan serum and after consuming the serum he took the pure Titan form. Soon after he ate Bertholt Hoover, who was the colossal Titan and inherits his powers.

In the Attack on Titan, Colossal Titan was 10 metres taller than the was protecting the citizens of paradis and the Titan was 60 metre talk and was undefeatable. It was proved in the Battle of Shinghashina district that how difficult it can be to deal with the Colossal Titan. It emits steam, which make it very difficult for people to come near him and cut his back of the neck.

Colossal titan drawing

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It’s set in a world where humanity lives inside metropolises girdled by three enormous walls that cover them from the gigantic man-eating humanoids appertained to as Elephants; the story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to abolish the Elephants after a Titan brings about the destruction of his birthplace and the death of his mama.

Attack on Titan was reissued in Kodansha’s yearly shōnen manga magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine from September 2009 to April 2021, with its chapters collected in 34 tankōbon volumes.

An anime TV series was produced by Wit Studio (seasons 1 – 3) and MAPPA (season 4). A 25- occasion first season was broadcast from April to September 2013, followed by a 12- occasion alternate season broadcast from April to June 2017. A 22- occasion third season was broadcast in two corridors, with the first 12 occurrences raising from July to October 2018 and the last 10 occurrences raising from April to July 2019.

A fourth and final season premiered in December 2020, raising 16 occurrences in its first part, with the alternate part premiering in January 2022.

Attack on Titan has come to critical and marketable success. As of December 2019, the manga has over 100 million tankōbon clones in print worldwide, making it one of the best- dealing manga series of all time. It has won several awards, including the Kodansha Manga Award, the Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and the Harvey Award.

Step:1 Draw Eyes of Colossal Titan

Colossal titan drawing in 6 Steps

Hello guys here is the first step for the Colossal titan drawing. So let’s begin with it. In this step we will draw his so to draw his eyes first you have to draw the shape of the outer eye. Here the shape of his outer eye is ready. Now you to draw two circles in each shape of the eye fir iris. So here the iris is also drawn. Now, draw two dots inside both the iris for representing Colossal Titan’s pupil. Here the eyes of the Colossal titan drawing are ready.

Step:2 Now you have to Draw Nose

Colossal titan drawing in 6 Steps

Here comes the second step to draw Colossal Titan’s nose drawing. His nose is a little bit curvy type. So to draw the nose begin from the middle a little right of eyes first draw the right curved line of the nose as shown than after Colossal titan drawing this line begin with the middle and a bit left of eyes draw the left curved line of the nose as shown. Now after Colossal titan drawing the both line below join then with a semicircle shown. So here the nose has been drawn.

Step:3 Draw teeth of Colossal Titan

colossal titan drawing

Here is step 3 guys this drawing is going to compete soon in this Colossal titan drawing, the mouth te teeth and a covering type outside his eyes. So let’s get started. So first of all we will start to draw the mouth of Colossal Titan. First of all below his nose we will make the shape of his lips as shown above in the given picture.

Then, after drawing the shape of his lips draw some smaal small squares between his lips for his teeths. Here the lips and teeth have been made after this we will make the outer covering type of his eyes so start from the starting point of eyes from both side and join it to his nose below few CM’s from his eyes as shown above. Draw the two line on his forehead too as shown in the picture above.

Step:4 Draw shape of the head

colossal titan drawing

Here is the fourth step in this step we will draw the face of Colossal Titan, his face looks very strange and frightening. So to draw his face first draw the outer line of the face draw a semicircle on the upper side above the eyes leaving the space of his forehead and head then down draw the shape of cheeks and the chin as shown above in the picture.

After drawing the outer line of the face draw the inside things like outside the eyes draw the shape of the coverings outside both the eyes. Then outside the eyes draw the shape as shown on both sides beside the cheek and draw the squares as shown beside the teeth inside both the shapes. Then after drawing this much draw moustache type above his teeths as shown above after this at the chin part draw the shapes as drawn in the pictures(Colossal titan drawing).

Step:5 Draw Shoulder and chest area

colossal titan drawing

Here we reached the fifth step the second last one so close to complete the Colossal titan drawing. So in this step we will draw the body shape of Colossal Titan drawing. He was a bulky man. So to draw his body shape we will draw two converging lines from his neck then draw two lines as shown in the picture below the two converging lines representing his shoulder above them. Then after doing this draw his biceps and the chest part as shown above(Colossal titan drawing).

Step:6 Now you have to colour in this Colossal Titan Drawing

colossal titan drawing

Here comes the sixth and tha last step in this step you have to do nothing just colour the cartoon sketch as shown above brown in the chest and shoulder area and the area at cheek part and forehead part and black below the eyes. So, here our Cartoon Drawing for Colossal Titan is complet. I hope you guys enjoyed so much while making this drawing.

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