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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Today’s topic will be known to all of you by looking at the title and thumbnail of this article. You all must have known this but still, I tell you that in this article today I have provided a corona drawing. In this article, it has been told through drawing that we have to avoid our economies of this virus. All of you must know what is happening inside the whole world. In all countries, there is reindeer due to coronavirus. Therefore, we also have to take our responsibility to avoid this disease. That we try to stay away from this disease and at least when it comes out, protect your body well.

This drawing is very easy to make, but this drawing means very good and you must have also understood. Although it is very easy to make this drawing, still the video tutorial of this Corona drawing is given below so that you can make this drawing very easily. If you want to be able to make this drawing in the same way. Then read this article once and watch the video tutorial of this Corona drawing.

How to Draw Corona Drawing

By the way, a man can be very emotional by looking at this drawing. You all know that there is an economy which is most important for us in this solar system. That is why we have to kill this virus to save our earth. Corona patients are increasing day by day inside the world, so caution is needed at this time. In the image of this Corona drawing, you will be able to see how well this drawing has been made. If you want to make this, then first you have to draw this Earth with a pencil. You have to draw a circle of medium size. After that, you have to draw the mask in it.

You have to draw the eyes, you can see all these things in the video tutorial of the drawing. In which way this drawing is made. Below this paragraph is given the video tutorial of this drawing, you must watch the video. A very easy way is given to create this drawing in the video tutorial.

Watch in the Following Video

source-YouTube/Farjana Drawing Academy

Friends, this is a video tutorial of this drawing, hope you liked this article. this is a video instructional exercise of this Corona drawing. In case you don’t perceive any clarifications behind this article. by then you can comment by commenting or you can message me on the unite with us page of my blog. As necessities have all the earmarks of being, individuals, this is a video instructional exercise of this Earth face drawing. which I was illuminating you concerning quite a while. I see that you have seen each and every point right now. I trust you concerning the experience of this article and draw it, youngster, genuinely. In like manner, attempt to permit the notification of our blog so every most recent drawing post interfaces with you first.

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