Corona Warriors Drawing in Six Steps Colourful Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided Corona Warriors drawing for all of you. This drawing is very beautiful to look at. You can see in the image of this drawing how well this drawing has been made. Friends, if you make any drawing, then first of all you must have kept the material to make the drawing. Well, this drawing is very easy to make. Some steps and video tutorials have been provided in this article, hope you all will be able to make this drawing easily.

Friends, if you want to make this drawing, then definitely read this article from beginning to end and understand some of the steps given below, also definitely watch the video tutorial.

Corona Warriors Drawing

Friends, all of you must know that Corona has spread so much in the world that till now its effect is on the people. To stop corona, we have to go out of the house for very important work. Going out of the house without any work can be harmful to you.

Step:1 First of all, You have to draw Two Circles and Some Guidelines

So friends, now we have to draw two circles, after drawing the circle, we have to draw some guidelines. Guidelines have been made to draw the body structure of the doctor. I hope you understand my point.

Step:2 Now draw the Hairs of Doctor(Corona Warriors)

So friends now we have to draw the doctor’s body. To draw the doctor’s body, first, draw its head. After drawing the head we have to draw its hair. Hope you understand everything till now.

Step:3 Now draw the Face of Doctor Wear Mask

corona warriors drawing

Friends, now we have to draw the doctor’s face. To draw a doctor’s face, we have to draw his eyes. After drawing the eyes we have to draw its specs. To draw glasses, first, you have to draw the shape of the glasses. After drawing all these things we have to draw the doctor’s dress.

Step:4 Draw stethoscope

corona warriors drawing

So friends now we have to draw a stethoscope. After drawing this we have to draw the doctor’s hand. I hope you understand by this point.

Step:5 Now you have to draw Earth Wear Mask

corona warriors drawing

So friends, Now we have to draw earth wear mask. You have to draw eyes of earth.

Step:6 Corona Warriors Drawing has been made

corona warriors drawing

So friend, this is the last step of this drawing. In this step we have to colour in this. I hope you like this drawing. In the last you have to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch the video tutorial of Corona Warriors Drawing