Cute Baby Drawing, Hello friends, today I have come up with something special drawing for you. Which you will love to see and your heart will do to make that drawing. You will have to read this article to know the drawing that I have brought. And to draw that drawing, you have to read this entire article carefully. To draw this drawing, I have told you some instructions and some steps in the article below, which you will have to read non-stop. And have to understand better. You must have seen such a drawing and thought of making it. But at the time of making, you will not understand how to do more than the start. Therefore, I have brought this post today to tell you this very easy drawing and very easy steps for you.

Cute Baby Drawing

Now, I am going to tell you about the cute baby drawing. If you apply the method mentioned above, then you can make this drawing very well. To make this drawing, you will need some goods will be needed. A Drawing Sheet, 4B Artline Pencil, and a blending stump. You will be aware of these things. These 4B Artline Pencil are good for drawing. You can take any pencil. But I use a pencil that likes best. That is why I recommend you to this pencil only. With this, you will be able to draw your drawing randomly.

Step:1 First You will draw the Face figure, Eyes, and Ears

Cute Baby Drawing | Full Pencil Sketch in Five Steps

So, friends, you have to start this drawing with a baby face figure. With the help of which you can make the head and body of the baby. After you make a face figure, make your Eyes, and Ears. Baby eyes are very easy to make. You will not have to take any more trouble in it. And making ears is also very easy. You can also make them well.

Step:2 Now draw the Head and Hands of the cute baby

Cute Baby Drawing | Full Pencil Sketch in Five Steps

Friends, you need to draw the baby’s head in it. Like a half-circle. Which you will make easily. You have to move the hand in a round shape as per the face figure. With which you will be able to draw head like a half-circle. After that, you have to draw hands. The way children walk by placing their hands on the Earth. Hands are made from small ones like small children.

Step:3 Draw the bottom part of the Child’s Body

cute baby drawing

In this step, you have to be a part of the baby’s body below. In this, you have first made its stomach. Then the child’s raw will have to be made. And lastly, you have to draw its legs. You have to draw the legs as if the child walks with his knees. The way he has legs at that time. The same way you have to draw legs.

Step:4 You have to draw A Butterfly and Shade the drawing properly

cute baby drawing

In this last, it was told that you have to sketch with the baby in the first made. After sketching you have to draw a butterfly. The rest wants to catch the butterflies. And after making the butterfly, shade the well and complete the drawing carefully.

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