Cute Boy Drawing | Step by Step Pencil Sketch Tutorial

Cute Boy Drawing, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on my blog post today. I hope you liked my previous blog post. You will also like today’s blog post. Like you all liked my previous posts. Today I have brought a drawing of Cute Boy for you. Which you will like very much. This drawing will be liked by the children. Children like this type of drawing more. That is why today we are going to make a similar drawing. Children love to innovate for a few days. So today we make sketch drawings. Sketching the children will look different and they will also like it as in the previous post.

Cute Boy Drawing Step by Step

Boy Drawing is very easy to draw and sketching in it. It is very easy to make. I will explain today, how to draw a cute boy. Read the following steps carefully and follow them. And You have to use 2HB pencils to draw the drawing. And you have to draw with a light hand.

Step:1 First draw Cap and Glasses of Boy

First of all, you have to draw a curve line. With help of this Curve line, we will fix the cap of the boy. After that, you have to make two circles. These two circles will help for glasses in our drawing. Now we will have to make two circles. Due to which drawing and it will be beautiful.

Step:2 Draw Front Hairs and Eyes

Now, we will draw the front hairs very easily. Now we have to make closed eyes of the boy. And draw Eyebrows.

Step:3 You have to draw Nose and Mouth

So guys, It is very easy to make a nose and mouth in this drawing. For which you just have to make some lines. To make a nose, you have to draw a small curve line. And two dots have to be applied to make a hole in the nose. And to make the mouth, you just have to draw a line.

Step:4 Now you have to draw Hands (Cute Boy Drawing)

cute boy drawing

In this step, you have to draw the boy’s hands carefully. To make hands, you have to make its palm and fingers. And the bottom hand gloves have to be drawn. And you will have to make glasses sticks.

Step:5 Now Shade the cute boy drawing

So friends, now we will sketch this drawing in a very easy way. We have to sketch in the close of the boy’s eyes, cap and hands.

Step:6 Last You have to draw Butterfly

cute boy drawing

In this last step, you have to draw a butterfly near the cap of the boy. This butterfly can be made very easily. You can make butterflies. Children liked butterflies very much. And it will be very much like drawing. Then this butterfly will have to be sketched properly.

You can watch the video tutorial given below. With this video, you will get a better understanding of how you can draw it. Bye.