cute drawings cute drawings easy draw so cute

cute drawings:Today we will make a sketch of our beloved dog. cute drawings It is very lovely and cute.It’s cute drawing. First of all, take a look at this photo. Then go step by step of cute drawings.

First step

First you will draw a circle. Then you will draw an eye. As shown in cute drawings

2 step of cute drawings

Now you have to make a face for it. When you make a face, you will see how it is made in sketch. This is how to make it cute drawings

3 step

Now we will make his ears. When making ears, you must pay attention to the sketch cute drawings

4 step

Now you will make an idol below it. You will make a similar line below it

Here you have to make his feet. First look at the sketch carefully then try.

Finally fill in the color cute drawings

Watch Video cute DOg drawings