Cute Fox Drawing | easy way to draw step by step

Cute fox drawing. Cute Fox drawing is in the animal drawing category so i hope you like this animal drawing category. In this blog post, I will provide essential material for this drawing. I have uploaded all the images which is step-by-step guidance for a beginner artist. I hope you like this Cute fox drawing step by step.

Step:1 Draw Eyes of Fox

Cute Fox Drawing

So guys here is the first step to draw this cute fox drawing. But before we start, first let’s know something about foxes. They are basically small to medium-sized in size. They are omnivorous mammals belonging to the family Canidae (several genera).

Their skull is flattened. They have upright triangular ears, a pointed, slightly upturned snout, and they also have a long bushy tail. So, let’s come back to the step in this step we will draw the eyes of the fox first we have to draw a shape of a circle then after drawing the shape of two circles for the eyes as shown in image attached to this step, shade the circles only leaving two small circles unshaded in them.

Step:2 Draw Nose of Cute Fox

Cute Fox Drawing

Here is the second step to draw this Cute Fox Drawing. Do you know foxes are related with dogs and foxes are solitary too. Foxes have a lot in common with cats also. Like a cat, foxes are the second animal that are the most attentive when the sun goes down. They have vertically oriented pupils so they are able to see in the night.

Now let’s looking back to the step in this step we have to draw the cute mouth of the fox so for nose draw a small heart shape as you can see in the above image and Below that draw the shape of the closed cute catoon mouth as you can see above.

Step:3 Draw Ears of Cute fox

Cute Fox Drawing

Here is the third step to draw this Cute Fox Drawing. As foxes have vertically oriented pupils they hunt by pouncing Nd stalking on their prey. They also have a kind of sensitive cat-like whiskers, and spines on its tongue. They walks on their toes, which accounts for its elegant, feline-like tread.

They have also been known to sleep on the branches—just like the cats. Heading back to the step in. This step you have to make the cute triangular like ears of the cat and the face structure. So first start to draw the ears and then draw the face structure.

Step:4 Draw Legs of Fox

Cute Fox Drawing

Here is the fourth step to make this Cute Fox Drawing. Do you know there are only 12 true foxes. Actually there are 37 animals called foxes but only 12 are considered as true foxes. It means that they are from the genus Vulpes. The red foxes are the most common foxes. Now let’s come back to the step in this step first of all we will make the body structure of the fox than we will draw the small and cute hands and limbs of the fox as shown above.

Step:5 Draw Tail of Cute Fox

Cute Fox Drawing

So here is the fifth and the second last step to make this drawing. Do you know? Foxes use Earth’s magnetic field. Foxes are extremely good parents. Foxes are known to play among themselves, as well as with the other animals.

The smallest fox weight is 3 pounds (as the small kitten has). Do you know? Foxes have long had a relationship with humans. Now let’s move back to the step in this step we will draw the cute, waggy and bushy tail of the fox so look at the picture attached to this file and using the help of the picture draw the shape of the tail of the fox.

Step:6 Cute Fox Drawing has been made

Cute Fox Drawing

Here is the sixth and the last step to draw this drawing. In this step you have to first of all erase all the extra line or guidelines of you have drawn after erasing outline the fox with a thin black sketch after outlining just colour the fox and now, you r fix is ready to be displayed. I hope you guys enjoyed while making this drawing.

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