Cute Mouse Drawing | Two Mouse Drawing | Pencil Sketch

By | April 8, 2022

Cute Mouse Drawing, Hi, I welcome you all again to my blog post. I told you to prepare the sketch of the shadow in the previous blog post. I think you would have liked that very much. You will like this post like all posts. In this way, today I have brought some different drawings for you. Which is very easy and the children will be very disillusioned. Today I brought a Cute Mouse Drawing for you. I hope you and your children will definitely like this. With the help of my blog post, I would have made all the drawings. In the same way, you will surely try this drawing well.

Cute Mouse Drawing

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about the cute mouse. In this post, a very cute image of two mice. Which I will tell you about step by step. Which you read and understand well. By reading them, you will get a lot of help in drawing.

Step:1 First draw Mice Ear, Nose, and Mouth

cute mouse drawing

First of all, you have to make one mouse’s ear and the other mouse’s nose and mouth. In which he is kissing on the forehead of another mouse. The most important in this drawing is the love of cute mice. In which both these mice are looking very cute.

Step:2 Draw Full face and Hand of a Mouse(Cute Mouse Drawing)

Cute Mouse Drawing | Two Mouse Drawing | Pencil Sketch

First, we will complete the same mouse. You first have to make a full face of the rat. And his nose has to be made well. After that, you have to draw the hand of that rat and also have to draw his clothes. You have to use a 0.7 mm pencil to make this drawing. The tip of this pencil is thin, which will make the lines of your drawing thin. And you will be able to prepare a very good drawing. And this 0.7mm pencil is also called a mechanical pencil.

Step:3 Draw Feet and Tail of a mouse

Cute Mouse Drawing | Two Mouse Drawing | Pencil Sketch

So friends, now you have to make the feet and tail of that rat, the one rat we were making earlier. And we have to sit in this rat and take care of it and we have to draw it. Draw on the rat and make his inquiry. Now after completing this one rat, we will have to draw another mouse. And draw it carefully.

Step:4 Now the second mouse has to be drawn completely(Cute Mouse Drawing)

cute mouse drawing

So now you have to draw another mouse of this drawing too with that care. You will need to draw the entire face with ears and eyes with the help of another person’s nose. After that, the hands of this rat and its clothes will have to be made. Then his feet have to be drawn properly. And his tail also has to be drawn properly.

Step:5 Now your drawing is done

cute mouse drawing

In this last step, all of you have to sketch well. You can create the below-given image by seeing and understanding it. Shading has to be done well. Clothes have to be decorced well. The shoot of a leaf in the hand of the first rat. You have to draw from it well.

Watch the Video Tutorial Cute Mouse Drawing

As you know: I try to tell you something new every time. And my efforts are also successful. You like all the posts very much. I will keep trying to tell you something new like this. And I hope that all of you will also continue to support me in this way. Bye