Diamond Drawing Easy For Kids Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. Friends, as you see on my blog, I keep providing something new for you. So although you must have already understood what is in this article. Yet I tell you that in this blog post I have provided diamond drawing. Which will be explained how to draw a diamond step by step. Now daily content will be uploaded for you on my blog, so keep watching our blog daily. Daily you will get my blog update. Friends, this drawing has been provided especially for children because it is very easy to make this drawing.


By the way, anyone can make this drawing if they want. If you want that you can easily make this drawing, then read this article, it is a very easy way to make this Diamond drawing.

How to draw Diamond Drawing

If you want to make this Diamond drawing and you have come to our blog to make this drawing, then read and understand all the steps given below.

Step:1 Draw Horizontal Line(Diamond Drawing)

diamond drawing

So friends, to make this drawing, first you have to draw a horizontal line. You will keep the length of this line according to yourself, you have to draw this line according to the size of the diamond you want to make. I hope you all have understood this by now.

Step:2 Draw Two Small Line to Joint the horizontal line

So friends, now you have to draw two short lines which are connected to a horizontal line. On both sides, you have to draw the same size line. Making this drawing is very easy. Just keep following these steps which are given in this article, further you will make this drawing in a very correct way.

Step:3 Below you have to draw a shape like a cone

Below you have to draw a shape like a cone. The diamond draw will be done very easily if you follow these steps correctly.

Step:4 Draw Line to join the edge

diamond drawing

Inside Friends Diamond, you have to draw another line which is horizontal. Very easy way is described in this article, hope you all will like it.

Step:5 Draw ZigZag Line

diamond drawing

Now you have to draw a zigzag line in the top part. It is very simple to draw this line, just keep in mind that the line should be drawn properly. After that, you have to draw two lines below which join the horizontal line.

Step:6 Now Diamond has been made(Diamond Drawing)

diamond drawing

So friends, now this drawing is completely done. In this, our last work was left, which was to draw a small line around it. So that it looks like this diamond is shining. Hope you all like this article very much.

Watch Video diamond drawing

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