Dinosaur Drawing For Beginners| 3 Dimensional Drawing

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. You must be thinking that after a long time, I have uploaded a post today and I have not uploaded the post for so many days. So there was a reason behind this. There was some problem in my blog, due to which I was unable to upload the post. So friends, by seeing the thumbnail and title of this post, you must have understood what I have provided in this post. Friends, I can tell you that I have provided 3-dimensional dinosaur drawing in this post, in which I will explain to you How to make Dinosaur Drawing in 3 Dimensional. To make this drawing easy, I have also provided video tutorials of this drawing for you.

If you want the way to make this drawing very easily, then you should read this article properly and do not forget to watch the video tutorial of this drawing.

How to Make Dinosaur Drawing

Dinosaur Drawing

Friends, looking at the image of this drawing, you may be thinking that it is probably difficult to make this drawing or how and how this drawing has been made. Today after a long time, I have uploaded a post and I have uploaded very few 3D drawings in that way, but you must tell me by commenting that you liked which 3D drawing from my article.

Friends hope you all have understood by this point, So friends, I tell you once in a series how this drawing will be made. In this drawing, first of all, you will need an HB pencil, so, first of all, you have to draw dinosaurs. After drawing the dinosaurs, you have to do watercolour in it. Colour you can see which colour is in the image on the dinosaur. After that, you have to shade it with a black pencil colour. You can see in the video tutorial of this drawing how the drawing has been made. After the dinosaur is created, you have to cut the drawing paper on top as shown in the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch in the following video tutorial

This is a video tutorial of this drawing, hope you will see this video and share it, And if you have not understood any point of this article, then you must tell me by commenting or you can message me on the contact us page of my blog. And if you allow the notification of our blog, then the latest updates related to the drawing will first come to you, that too for free.

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