Diwali Drawing For Kids | Diwali Festival Drawing Full Video Tutorial

Hello, Friends Welcome to my Diwali Drawing. You already know what i provide in this blog post. I will provide a Diwali drawing for kids. In this blog post also i have provided full video tutorial of this drawing. So friends, all of you will know that Diwali is on November 14.

Diwali is the Indian celebration of lights, generally enduring five days and commended during the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika. One of the most famous celebrations of Hinduism, Diwali represents the otherworldly triumph of light over dimness, great over insidiousness, and information over obliviousness.

If you all want to make this drawing For Kids, then definitely read this article from beginning to end. If you want more Festival drawing like this so you can search on our blog.

Diwali Drawing Image

diwali drawing for kids

So friends, If you want to draw this Diwali art you have to read a full article of this drawing. Drawing for kids is very amazing for everyone.


So friends, first of all, you have to draw the two boys, That you have to see in the image of this drawing. To draw these boys first you have to draw the body shape of both. After that draw, the head portion, In the head portion first draw the shape of the head. now draw the hair of both boys. Now draw the Body parts of boys, After that draw the dress of these.


Now draw the Boundries and pillars that you have to see in the image of this drawing. After that, draw the Diya drawing of this. I hope you understand by this step, If you understand by this point read the last remaining step.


So friends, now the last work we have to draw outline in this drawing. Early we draw this with the help of HB Pencil, After finish the drawing we have to Colour in this drawing. Do the Colour is last work of this drawing.

After this paragraph provided the video tutorial of this diwali drawing. So the video tutorial is very important for kids. In the video tutorial you have to watch how to draw this diwali drawing for kids step by step.

Watch Full Video of Diwali Drawing For Kids


In this Diwali drawing for kids, This is the video tutorial of the Diwali drawing for kids. I hope you like this drawing tutorial. If you do not understand about this drawing, So you can message through on this blog.