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Hello, friends welcome to Diwali Easy drawing tutorial. I have provided the 3 Dimensional drawings of Diwali festival. I hope you like this article very much. This 3-dimensional drawing is the illusion of the eye. So the Diwali festival is coming on 14 November. I hope your entertainment on our blog For these Diwali drawing.

The video instructional exercise of this drawing is the fundamental piece of this article, So I will give in the last section. On the off chance that you need to watch the video instructional exercise for this drawing. To begin with, you need to peruse full article after that the watch video instructional exercise. Presently you are feeling that why first we read the full instructional exercise. So I will disclose First you need to peruse the full article in light of the fact that in the wake of perusing this article the video instructional exercise of Diwali drawing is effectively justifiable. So I trust you can comprehend what I need to clarify.

Diwali Easy Drawing Image

Diwali easy drawing

So friends, In the Image of this drawing you have to see what type to draw this drawing. I hope you like this drawing very much after see the image of this drawing.


Friends, First we have to write the Happy Diwali in 3 Dimensional. You have to draw shadows in it also by shade below. We have created a shadow so that this drawing looks exactly 3 dimensional.


So now we have to draw diya in this drawing. I hope you understand everything by this point.


Now we need to sketch in this. Basically this drawing depends on shading Because the shading shows the 3-dimensional view of this drawing.

Now in the last paragraph you have to watch the full video tutorial of this drawing. I hope you like the video tutorial of this drawing.

Watch the Video of Diwali Easy Drawing


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