Dog Drawing Realistic | Full Video tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post and thank you for visiting my blog again. By the way, every post that I upload, the drawings that are in it are of a lot of variety. And I have also made many categories for them. So this is the way, how do you like to upload my post on my blog, please tell me by commenting it. And now we discuss our blog post. So friends, in today’s blog post I have provided dog drawing, in which I will explain to you that How to Draw a Dog Drawing Step by step. Although it is not easy to draw this drawing it is not impossible.

So like every time I have given a video tutorial of this drawing in this blog post so that you can know about this drawing how this drawing has been made. So if you want to know how to make this drawing, then you have to watch the video tutorials of this drawing very well and you have to take information about the material used in this video.

How to draw a Dog Drawing

Friends, I will explain a little bit about how this stepwise drawing will be made and what material is used in it. By the way, by seeing the thumbnail and title of this post. You must have understood that dog drawing has been provided in it. Hope you all understand everything by this point.

What Material used to draw this drawing?

Generals Charcoal Pencils, Daler Rowney Smooth Drawing paper, Daler Rowney Sable Filbert brush, Blending Stumps & Derwent Superpoint sharpener. Friends, these are materials that you will have to do to make this drawing.

How to Make Dog Drawing

Step:1 To make this drawing, first of all, you have to take a drawing sheet. After that, you have to shade with a brush on the sheet. The way to shade you will be seen very easily in the video.

Step:2 As you are shading with a brush, you will see the shape of the dog’s face from the sides. As you have seen in the video tutorial of this drawing. You have to draw its eyes very closely as you would have seen in your video tutorial. As you may have seen in this video tutorial. the shape of its eyes is very well drawn and its eye lens is also very well drawn.

Step:3 After drawing the eyes, you have to shade a little on its face. After getting married, you have to draw its nose with the general charcoal pencil, You have to draw the nose, you have to shade it, after that you have to draw its mouth. in it, you have to draw it too, you have to draw it, in that you have to be very careful while shading. where you have to take a lot of light area You have to shade it lightly and where you have to keep the dark area, you have to shade it properly. So friends are limited to this. Else you can see in the video tutorial of this drawing how this drawing has been made.

Watch in the following Video

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