Dog Face Drawing For Kids Step by Step

Friends, this article is very amazing. I will explain it to you, How to Draw a Dog Face. By the way, you must have understood. By looking at the title and thumbnail of this drawing. what I have provided in this article. Let me tell you a few more things about this Dog Face drawing. And how to make it and a little bit about it. I hope you will understand, the method of drawing is explained in this article. By the way, you do not have to worry too much, the video tutorial of this drawing has been provided below. With the help of which you will be able to make this drawing very easily.

How to Make Dog Face drawing

Follow the steps given below to make this drawing.

Step:1 Draw the Eyes First

Dog face drawing

To make this Dog Face drawing, we have to start from a very basic point. Which we have to draw its eyes in the beginning. You can draw its eyes very easily as you will see in the video tutorial of this drawing. Friends, if you want to make this drawing very easily in exactly the same manner, then you have to understand every point of this article and watch the video tutorial. I hope you have already understood this step.

Step:2 Draw the Nose of Dog


Friends, this drawing can be made very easily if you follow the given steps correctly. Now you have to draw the nose of this dog. While drawing the nose, you have to make sure that you do not make any mistake in drawing the shape of the nose. I am explaining to you stepwise, you must have known this in the thumbnail of this article. You will get a lot of benefit from understanding stepwise in this article.

Step:3 Now you have to draw the shape of Face

Dog face drawing

So friends, as seen in the image of this step. It was written in the headings that you now have to draw the shape of the dog’s face. While drawing a shape, you have taken care of this so that you do not make any difference in the left and right part because if the two sides are slightly different then the drawing will not look good at all. In this step, you would have come to know that you could not make any mistake in making this drawing.

Step:4 Now Draw the Ear of Dog

Dog Face Drawing

So guys, now you have to draw the ears of this dog. I will tell you one thing that you will be very difficult to draw the ears of this dog, but I will also tell you that it is not impossible that you will not be able to make ears of this dog. The problem can be difficult because the shape of its ears is a little different. So you must take the help of a video tutorial to make this drawing. So friends, below are the video tutorial of this Dog Face drawing, as you go, you must see this video tutorial.

Dog Face Drawing Full Video Tutorial

So, friends, this is a video tutorial of this Dog Face drawing, which I was telling you about for a long time. I hope that you have understood every single point in this article. I hope you liked this article very much. And make sure to allow the notification of our blog so that every latest drawing post reaches you first.