Doraemon sketch-Step by Step

Hello friends how are you all hope you will be good. Welcome to today’s blog post. How did you get a sketch of Doraemon in today? In this post, I will tell you what material has been used in it. About Doraemon, you must know that there is a lot of fame and old cartoon shows, which children watch very well and also for timepass. If you want to buy that material, then in its link will be included in its link.

How to draw Doraemon

dorarmon sketch

In order to make this drawing, you will first need a compass and an HB pencil. After that, you will have to make a medium size circle with pencil and compass. Then you have to make Doraemon’s face. After that, you have to draw the lower body of Dormon. As I have placed in my blog post’s image. Well, I have also provided you with the video tutorials on your blog post, with the help of this Dorman sketch will make you more easily. After that, you guys have to do Shading in the drawing of Doraemon. You have to constantly do the shading. You have to do the shading till your drawing is not as well as I have shown in the image, so people can do the shading according to your liking as you like.

Amitabh bachchan drawing-Step by Step

Well, it is very easy and easy to create a sketch of Doraemon, so I have provided you with both image and video in your blog post. Doraemon sketch is very easy to draw.

Video Tutorial of How to Sketch Doraemon


By watching this video you will know how this drawing has been made and what material has happened in it. After drawing the drawing, if your drawing is not able to do as you thought in your mind then do not be sad and try it again to make this drawing, because those who try friends do not lose. Friends, thank you very much if you continue to support me like this, then maybe my website will grow a lot. Doraemon sketch step by step.

You have to watch this video and draw your drawing so that you can make the drawing practically. This drawing(Doraemon sketch) is very beautiful and easily made by this Youtuber. If friends think something in this drawing that you do not understand then you can contact me by going to my Contact Us page. Hope you liked this blog post of me. If you have enjoyed this blog post(Doraemon sketch), please share this post(Doraemon sketch) as much as possible so that my information can reach far away and like you, other people can also get rid of my website. And if you have not yet voted and subscribed to my website’s notifications, then please subscribe to my website and get rid of uploading my posts first.

So friends, if you have been with me like this, maybe my website will grow a lot. And will remain with you like this and will continue to bring you a new post like this for you. If you want to know how to make this Dorman sketch, then stay with me till the last 3d drawing