Dragon Drawing for beginners | Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post today. I have provided a dragon drawing for all of you. Friends, it is very easy to make this drawing. I am saying this because I have seen the video tutorial of this drawing. Which video tutorial of this drawing. I have provided the video tutorial of this drawing below. Friends, today I can tell you one thing that I never write my article to anyone else, I prepare it myself. Friends, if you also want that you can also make a drawing in this way, then you stay with us till the last in this article.

How to Make Dragon Drawing

Dragon drawing

The image of this drawing is a poster. By looking at it, you can understand how you will make this drawing. Friends, the material that will be needed to make this drawing. you will be able to know by watching the video tutorial of this drawing. In this article, I could not explain stepwise because the video of this drawing is a tutorial time lapse. so I could not get your images provided.

So let’s start telling you guys, the process of making this drawing. To make this dragon. first of all, you have to start by drawing its face. to make this drawing. After drawing the proper shape of its face, you had to draw its mouth properly. In which you first need to see the video tutorial. only then you will be able to understand the manner in which to make this drawing. I hope you have understood how far you have to make this drawing. Now you have to draw the body shape of this dragon. Now friends, after drawing its body shape, you have to draw your ear as you can see in the video tutorial of this drawing. After drawing all these things, you have to draw its wings, which makes the dragon very attractive.

Now the last thing you have to draw are the feet of the dragon, which you can draw very easily, if there is any confusion then you can also see in the video tutorial. So friends, in order to make this drawing, more and more things have been known in this article. Now the last work in this drawing is to shade it, You have to do the shading very carefully because most people have difficulty in shading. Once you see the video tutorial of this drawing, you will understand.

Watch in the following video


Friends, I have provided you with this video tutorial of this drawing. Which is the most important for you. If you make this Dragon drawing then. If you want to make this drawing in exactly the same way as in this article. then you have to read this article very well and watch the video tutorial of this drawing. And friends, the last thing, if you have not yet allowed my blog notifications, then do it now because updates of latest drawings can come to you first.

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