How to Draw a Skunk

If you want to learn how to draw a skunk, you need a side view to show all his cool black and white stripes.

If you give a true living overcome a kind of picture of humor makeover, you might end up with one that looks like this. A attractive and pleasing to put one’s arms around look has been made an addition, but the important tell-tale black and white band, marks are still there.

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Side views let you see as much of them as possible. As a side note, this is another one of those times when you need to support students to color well, and with as much force over a given square unit as they are able to. A scribbly gray animal noted for bad smell is not nearly as eye-catching as an actor in a play black and white is.

How to Draw a Skunk

  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons

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