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You can create this SpongeBob drawing in many ways. I mean to say that you can make this drawing in many ways, but the mater does that which is the right and best way to draw Spongebob. You will be called a good artist only then you make this drawing with less hard work and more smart work. So, friends, I have made this article. So that I can tell you that we need more and smarter work to make the drawing. In which I will tell you what is the right way to make this drawing. By the way, if you do not understand this article. Then I have also done this thing because I have provided the video tutorial of this drawing. So that you do not make any mistake in drawing SpongeBob.

How to Draw Spongebob

Friends, you will make this drawing, but you have to pay a lot of attention to the steps given below.

Step:1 Start draw with Spongebob Eyes

The way I told you that we have to adopt the right way, to make this drawing, friends, the right way is that you will have to start making this drawing with its eyes. To draw eyes, first of all, we have to draw two circles, which are combined with each other, which we saw in the image of this step. After drawing circle you have to draw Eyeblack in SpongeBob’s eyes. These are the basic things of this drawing, which you will be able to draw very easily if you follow the steps provided. After drawing eyes properly, you have to draw SpongeBob’s nose. Drawing nose is very easy for you to try once if it is not possible then I have given the video tutorial. You can see.

Step:2 Draw Teeth & Smile

By the way, you will draw all these, but if you adopt the right way to draw on friends, then you will be successful in making this drawing. After all these things you have to draw its teeth after that its lips, I mean to say lips what this smile is (Draw)Spongebob. Now you have to draw its teeth. You will definitely get to see it in the video tutorial. Maybe you get satisfied after watching the video tutorial. Friends, I am telling you one point. So that you can make this drawing very well due to the instruction given to me.

Step:3 Draw Shape like Square

We have reached our third step. So I would like to see this drawing once so that I can also know whether my knowledge given will help you or not. You can draw a square shape, but if you fall on the given headline of this step, then you will find that this shape is of a square shape in appearance, but the way of making it is different and it is a little different in this shape. If you draw from the given image, you will understand it. After drawing the shape which is the shape of its face, you will be seeing small dots on its face, now you have to draw that which is easiest to draw inside this drawing.

Step:4 Draw Dress of Spongebob

I have a request to you that before reading this step, look at the previous steps and then read this step only then you will understand something, if you fall in between, then you do not understand anything. After that, you have to draw its dress. In which you have to draw its tie and full dress of Spongebob. I hope you have understood everything here.

Step:5 Now you have to draw leg

Now you have to draw Spongebob legs which is very easy for you. To draw its leg, you have to draw a line. The way you see in this image is just drawn, you have to draw simple in this way. As the character of this (Draw)Spongebob must have seen in his cartoon.

Step:6 Now Draw Shoes of Spongebob

Now you have to draw its shoes. I am explaining to you so stepwise so that you will come to make this drawing very easily, I hope you all will like every article of my blog. By the way, making this drawing is very easy. But still, you have to make this drawing very carefully because if you make any mistake in making this drawing then you will find it very difficult & Again to make this drawing.

Step:7 Now Drawing is a complete

So, friends, this drawing is completely done. Our last task in this was to just draw its hand which we had not yet drawn. Drawing the hands of draw Spongebob is a bit difficult, but you can’t make it impossible, we can’t say. In the next paragraph, the video tutorial of this drawing is given, do not forget to watch the video, because the most important video is to make this drawing.

Watch in the following Video


So, friends, this is a video tutorial of this drawing. If you do not understand any points of this article, then you can comment by commenting or you can message me on the contact us page of my blog. Along these lines, folks, this is a video instructional exercise of this Dog Face drawing, which I was enlightening you regarding for quite a while. I trust that you have seen each and every point in this article. I trust you enjoyed this article without a doubt. Also, make a point to permit the warning of our blog so every most recent drawing post contacts you first.

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