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Easy Way to Draw a Girl Step by Step Full Tutorial

Easy Way to Draw a Girl

Easy Way to Draw a Girl Step by Step Full Tutorial. Hi guys, in today’s blog post, I tell you how easy way to draw a girl. More people search about sketch drawing. So today I am going to tell you how to draw a girl in an easy way. Today’s blog post is very easy and interesting. And all of you will try it too. Below are some reasons to make this drawing. You have to read them well before drawing. So that you will understand this very well. I hope you will like this article.

Easy way to Draw a Girl

In today’s blog post, we have explained how to draw a girl in an easy way. In this, you have been some reasons to make a drawing, with the help of which you can make this sketch with good shape.

Step:1 First You have  intersecting lines

To make this drawing, first of all you have to make some four quadrilaterals. Which will be very helpful in making your drawing. You have to make a quadrilateral below one. To make you quadrilateral which centimeter? You can help them with the help of the image given in this step.


Step:2 Draw Hair and Body Shape of Girl

In this stage, You will have to make a girl’s hair. And how to make a girl’s body shape can be seen in the image given below. It is very easy to make.

Step:3 Now You have to Draw proper Dress

In this step, you to draw the proper dress of girl. In this step, you have to make a full dress of the girl. The bottom part of the girl’s dress is to draw from the hip while shaping from the hip. You feel good while making these drawings. This drawing only has to be used as a pencil because it is a pencil sketch. So use only pencils. I hope you can understand this article.

Step:4 Now Draw Hands of Girl

So guys, in this you have to first rub the extra lines. After making all the extra lines, make the steps of the girl’s dress. They can be made easily. then set hairs and ribbons from the bottom. After that, you have to attract the girl’s hand. Which is very easy to make. You have to make an earlier right hand. Which will be made up to the elbow. Then have to draw a left hand full, that too with finishing. And lastly, you have to draw the legs of this step. In this, the legs are not seen so much, but you are making the best of the legs show from its best.

Step:5 Now drawing is done

Now your drawing is complete. There is only is sketching left in it. Which you have to do very carefully. Sketching makes the drawing more attractive. In its dress and hair ribbon, you will also have to make dots with sketching. So that it will look even more beautiful. I hope you will like this girl’s sketch.

You must watch this video, because of this you will get help in making this drawing. And I hope you like it. Bye Guys.

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