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Sketch of Girl | Drawing For Beginners step by step

Sketch of girl

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. This blog post has provided a sketch of a girl for all of you. I t is very easy to make. I hope you all like this article. About three steps of this drawing have been provided for you, which is very important to make this drawing. If you need some material, then the material should be available before you make the sketch. Whatever material will be used in this drawing. You will get to know about all the materials in this post. Friends, in this article, the video tutorial of this drawing is very important to make this drawing and whatever material is used to make this drawing, all of them in this video tutorial of this drawing You will also get.

Three Steps of Sketch of Girl

So friends, below are three steps to make this drawing. And video tutorials are also given. If you want to make this drawing, then first you have to read the given three steps and then see the given video tutorial. With the help of which you can make this drawing very easily. I hope you like the steps of this Girl drawing.

Step:1 First you have to Draw the lines

So guys, first you have to draw some lines. With whose help you can easily draw girl drawing. First, you have to draw a straight line. After that, you have to become active of 3cm at the top of that line. A little below the circle, you have to draw a line of 4cm, and a little further down the line of 2.4cm. With their help, you can make a body shape of a girl.

Step:2 Now you have to Draw the Hairstyle and Hand of Girl

















So friends, now you have to make the girl’s hairstyle and her hands. You can make this very easily. And the video given below can also take the help of a tutorial. I hope you like this article.

Step:3 Sketch of Girl has been made

So, friends, The three steps are provided in this sketch. This is the last step of this drawing. Now you have to sketch the girl’s hairstyle with a good sketch in it. Then the girl’s dress has to be sketched, and the curtains on the side are to be sketched and decorated properly. I hope you understand this step.

I hope, you have understood how to draw a sketch of a girl.

Watch the Video of Sketch of Girl

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