Eagle Drawing Step by Step For Beginners

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In this blog post, I have provided eagle drawing for all of you, in which I will explain to you How to draw Eagle. Friends, it is very easy to make this drawing, you must have felt that making this drawing will not be so easy. But if you read this article well then you will find that it is very easy to make this drawing. By the way. The works of making this Eagle drawing are even easier for you. The video of this drawing is given in the tutorial last paragraph. If you want to make this drawing easy, then you have to read this article, after that, you will see the video tutorial of this drawing, then you will be able to make this drawing very easily.

How to Make Eagle Drawing

If you want to make this eagle drawing, then definitely read the steps given below.

Step:1 First You Draw Eyes of Eagle

Draw two short, corner to corner lines for the bald eagle’s eyebrows. Sketch daintily from the start. At the point when you get the shape and edges right, obscure the lines. Bend the external tips of the eyebrows down and the internal tips up. Under every eyebrow, draw a bent line for the base of the eyes. I hope you understand this step.

Step:2 Draw Nostrils of Eagle

Underneath the eyes, draw a wavy line for the top edge of the mouth. Under the Middle, bended segment of the line, draw two minor dabs for the nostrils. Underneath the nostrils, draw a V-molded line for the top piece of the open snout. Include a bent, vertical line inside to stress the ebb and flow of the snout. Draw another angular line beneath for the base piece of the open mouth. Underneath that, draw one more angular line for the lower edge of the nose.

Step:3 Draw Shape of Eagle Face

On either side of the face, draw an inclining line for the sides of the head. Presently draw a bent, flat line over the eyes for the top piece of the head. For the base piece of the head, draw a progression of little, angular lines.

Step:4 Draw Each Foot

Underneath the head, draw two bent, vertical lines for the sides of the body. Under the body on the left side draw two short vertical equal lines for the principal toe. Toward the finish of toe, draw two bent lines that go to a point for the sharp claw. Now draw the same thing on the right side for the other toe. Draw another toe on the left side a similar way, however, this one ought to have to a greater extent an askew direction.

Step:5 Drawing Wings of Eagle

On the left side draw a long slanting line that has a little curve in the centre for the initial segment of the wing. Sketch daintily from the outset, when you get the shape right, obscure the line should begin at the base of the head. So friends, if you watch the video tutorial on how to make wings of this eagle, then you will know the way of this Eagle Drawing.

Step:6 Eagle Drawing has been Made

Eagle Drawing

Utilizing a pen or marker cautiously go over the lines to make your drawing perpetual. In the wake of inking, dispose of each pencil mark with an eraser. Shading your drawing utilizing shading pencils, markers or even pastels! utilize dark coloured for the wing and body.

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