Earth Drawing | Easy Colour Drawing of Earth

Earth Drawing, Friends, today we will make the drawing of Earth, Earth is the only planet on which there is life, that is why we will make the drawing which is spherical and on which 75% is water and the remaining 25% is surface area. The population on earth is about 7 billion. There are a total of 195 countries on it.

For we will make the earth’s surface and water parts with the help of pencil and color(Earth Drawing). We paint the surface area with green color and the rest of the burnt area will be painted with blue color. Because our earth looks blue from space. We will make one side part of it for which we will use simple methods. In this, we will first draw a circle, in the middle of the circle, we will make all the maps of the earth with the help of a pencil and color them, on which we will make a little surface area and water area.

Image of Earth Drawing

earth drawing

Step:1 Draw the shape of the Sphere

Earth is a planet on which life is possible and or spherical(Earth Drawing), so we will first draw a sphere on the seat, we can use the type to make the sphere. you can make a circle by keeping a bowl and running along its edges with the help of a pencil. The radius of the bullet should be about 4 cm, for which we will make a circle of radius 4 cm with the help of a pencil. After that, darken it well.

Step:2 Draw the World Map

Now in this step, we will make the map which is on top of the drawing of the earth drawing. In this, we simply see America and some parts of Australia Asia Antarctica Europe continent. Will make them with the help of a pencil in this Earth drawing.

All these maps are crooked, so to make them, we will draw the shape with the help of a pencil, to draw the shape, we will move the pencil on it in a crooked way. The part of Antarctica is towards the bottom, America is towards the front, which is visible in its full way, we will make it.

Step:3 Now We have to do Outline

After making all these things, now we will do their setting, for setting, we will darken all the lines with the help of a pencil, and after that, we will double them all by moving the pencil lightly. Small marks will be made on the rest of the parts.

Outposts are small continents, they will be made upwards in the middle of the burnt part. Will do well, and will move the pencil well on the rest of the edges of the Earth Drawing.

Step:4 Now we have to fill blue color

In this part, we will slowly paint the watery part of the earth with blue color which is not blue but the sky with that color with light hands. For we will paint the sky color on it by moving the inside lightly. To make the border, first of all, we will do a borderline with black color. Then after that, lightly color the middle part with sky color, which we will show well.

Step:5 Earth Drawing is Completely Done

We will color with wax color, using our color in wax color, we will color the surface part of the earth, for which we will slowly color with green color inside the black water line, keep in mind, The color should be complete, for which we will take all the colors while running well.

The green color will be shown very well by running it slowly on the part of America. On the rest of the sides, we will go on lightly coloring the green color, now our earth is ready.


While doing all these works, we have to take full care of caution, while making the circle first, we should move the pencil properly so that we do not make any mistakes. And to line the border, with the help of black, we will run the color lightly on all the parts, we will use the color green and blue filled inside it with the cleanliness of the hand. Thank you.

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