Easy Anime Girl Drawing Step by Step

Easy Anime Girl Drawing step by step. This drawing is speically for beginners. If you are able to draw this type of sketch so this drawing is specially for you. I hope you like this Anime Girl Drawing. This sketch is very easy to draw for all types of Artist which is specially draw this type of sketch. I have provide the video tutorial also in this drawing tutorial. I hope you like this Anime drawing tutorial of Easy Anime Girl. We have provide few steps of this drawng which is must important for beginners.

Easy Anime Girl Drawing

Easy Anime Girl

Easy anime girl drawing. So this is the image of this drawing. In this drawing image you have see the sketch details in this drawing image. I hope you see and understand how to draw the Easy anime girl which is very amazing to look. If you are interesting to draw this Anime girl so you have to watch the video tutorial and read all the steps which is given below.

Step:1 So friends, This is the first step. In this step you have to see the image and draw the hairs first. After draw the hair structure you have to draw the roughly line to look a realistic hairs. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this tutorial.

Step:2 So friends, This is the second step of this drawing. In this step you have see the face of girl and you have to draw the Eyes nose and Lips of Anime Girl which is very easy. I hope you understand this step, If you are understand this step so you have to read the last remaining step which is given below.

Step:3 So, This is the last step of this drawing. In this step you have to draw the locket and Neck of Girl. After that draw the dress of Anime Girl. In the last we have to sketch in this whole anime girl.

Watch the following video

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