Easy Diwali Drawing For Beginners Full Video Tutorial

Hello, Friends Welcome to my Easy Diwali Drawing blog post. In this blog post, I will provide Easy FESTIVAL DRAWING, drawing for beginners. If you are interested in the blog post You have to read the full tutorial and watch the video tutorial of this Diwali Drawing. The video tutorial of this drawing is the main part of this article, So I will provide in the last paragraph. If you want to watch the video tutorial for this drawing. First, you have to read full article after that the watch video tutorial. Now you are thinking that why first we read the full tutorial. So I will explain First you have to read the full article because after reading this article the video tutorial of Diwali drawing is easily understandable. So I hope you can understand what I want to explain.

Easy Diwali Drawing Image

Easy diwali Drawing

So, friends, This is the image of this Festival drawing. This drawing is made for Oil Pastel colours. I will explain the parts of this drawing. I mean the step by step explanation of this Festival drawing.


First of all, Draw the diya, That you have to see in this image of this drawing. To draw the diya first draw the shape of diya. After draw the shape you have to draw the shape of flame.


Now draw the line in the bottom of diya. The line should be Horizontal straight. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this tutorial.


Now draw the lights. To draw the lights first draw the line of the lights. After drawing, the lights shape that you have to see in the image of Diwali drawing. After that write the HAPPY DIWALI. So the last work is that, Do Oil Pastel Colours in this drawing. I hope you understand and like the stepwise method, I will apply in every post for you.

So friends, In the last paragraph I have provided the video tutorial of this drawing. In the video tutorial, you will understand everything about this Diwali drawing.

Watch Easy Diwali Drawing Full Video Tutorial