Easy Drawing of Independence Day Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. You all must know that 15th August is Indian Independence Day. In this article, we have provided an Independence Day drawing. I hope you all will like this article. The main thing in this article is the video tutorial of this drawing. By watching the video tutorial, you will be able to make this drawing well. To make this drawing, you will need some material, which you can see in the description of the video tutorial of this drawing.

Independence Day Drawing Easy

Friends, all of you will know that the tiger drawing series was going on our blog, but after the arrival of Independence Day, we had to stop this tiger drawing series in the middle. Those who are visiting our blog from India must know that Tiger is the National Animal of India. If you like the article of Tiger Drawing Series and our Independence Day, then please turn on our blog notifications. By turning on the notification, it will happen that whatever articles are being published, they will first reach those who have turned on the notification.

Step:1 Friends, first of all, we have to draw a circle to make an Independence Day drawing. If you want, you can use any equipment to draw circles. If you can draw circles without any equipment, that’s great.

Step:2 After drawing the circle now we have to draw the land area inside the circle on the side after that we have to draw a heart in the middle. Hope you understand. If you want, you can use the equipment to draw the heart.

Step:3 So friends, Now we have to write I LOVE MY INDIA, After that, you have to do fill colour in this drawing. I hope you understand all these steps.

Watch the following video