Easy Sketch of Girl | How to Draw Sketch of Girl

Easy sketch of Girl, Hello guys, all of you are welcome to my blog post. I told you in the previous post how to draw a cute mouse. You must have liked that drawing. Like previous blog posts, I have brought a separate post for you. Which you will like very much. Like the previous post, I have brought a similar drawing for you. In this post, I have taken an easy sketch of a girl for you. I hope you will like this blog post too. For that, you have to read the given instruction very well.


Easy Sketch of Girl

So, how do you draw an easy sketch of a girl who tells you, friends? Everyone likes to draw, but they are not able to do it because they do not know how to make it. So for those people too, now there is a chance to sketch the girl. For this reason, I have an easy sketch of a girl to tell you.

Step:1 First you have to draw intersecting lines

First of all, you have to draw some lines to make the drawing. With whose help you can make a sketch of the girl with a good fit. So I tell you from which measurement the lines have to draw the lines. You have to make these lines carefully while measuring. If your lines are made with the wrong measurement, you will not be able to become like a girl’s drawing. To draw a structure, first, you have to draw a line of 18cm. With the help of this 18cm line, you have to make some marks. And with those marks, you have to prepare the face and the complete sketch of the girl.

Step:2 Draw the Face of the Girl(Easy Sketch of Girl)

Easy Sketch of Girl

In this step, you have to draw the face of the girl with the help of lines of measured. And with the help of these lines, the girl’s Eyebrow, Nose, Eyes, and Lips are made well. Lines of Face, if you do not make a good shape. Then there can be a mistake in making a face. Which will also make your drawing worse.

Step:3 Draw a Glass and Shoulder

In this drawing, the girl is drinking something. She has a glass in her hand. So you have to make a glass. Towards the bottom of the girl’s nose. And you have to make a girl’s shoulder.

Step:4 You have to draw her Hands and Hair(Easy Sketch of Girl )

Easy Sketch of Girl

So, we made a shoulder in the last step. In this step, you have to draw the hand of the girl with caution. And according to the measured lines. The hand of the girl’s watch and the girl’s clothes are to be made with the good hand. Fingers will have to draw the recording of the given image. Now after drawing your girl’s hand, draw the girl with beautiful and long hair with a good hand. The finished girl likes their hair very much. Whose girl looks more beautiful.

Step:5 Now you have been done your sketch

Easy Sketch of Girl

This is your last step. In this, you will have to sketch the drawn posture sketch with a good pencil. So that your drawing can get a lot look. In this, you will have to make sure the girl’s hair, full face, hands, glass, clothes are all done properly. After sketching your drawing will be ready. Seeing your own drawing, you will also not be able to believe that you have drawn your own. I hope you will like drawing.

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