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Eid Mubarak:What is the history behind why Muslims celebrate this Eid? Today we will explain everything in detail.

Date of Goat Eid:

Date of Eid-ul-Adha /Date of Bakrid: Goat Eid will be celebrated on 1/08/2020, this date is for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
It will be celebrated On 31/07/2020, this date is for Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Eid Mubarak |Eid Messages | Eid Quotes |eid Mubarak images |Eid Mubarak wishes

History of Eid-ul-Adha:

Let me say one thing before starting its history so that you can better understand its occurrence.
If it is seen that every human being tests the other human being from whom he has to get a job. The master first checks the change of his servant thoroughly.۔


Allah Almighty tested every one of His prophets. Once Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was tested by Allah Almighty in which Allah Almighty commanded him to sacrifice the dearest thing. It was the command of Allah Almighty. In order to fulfill it, Abraham (AS) loved his son Ishmael the most.

So he informed his wife that we have received this test from Allah Almighty and he fulfilled it. His wife said, “Once God’s command has been given, then there is no room for it.”

When it was morning, the mother prepared the son and said, “Father, today you will be taken somewhere. You have to go with him.”۔When you took your child to a forest where no one else was going, the father told his son the whole story. So the son also belonged to the Prophet of Allah. He said, “It is the command of Allah, so sacrifice me.”

The son said to the father, “Before you slaughter me, blindfold me and yourself so that it does not hurt. I also do not have to see that the son is being slaughtered.”۔So the father did just that.

Now the father laid his son down on the ground. And with the takbeer of Allah Akbar, the knife started running on his son’s neck. It was at this moment that God commanded the angel Gabriel (AS) to take a dumbass from heaven and go to earth.

There, my prophet is slaughtering his son. Go immediately and replace him with Danba and save Ishmael. So it happened. Ishmael was saved and slaughtered۔When Ibrahim opened the blindfold, he saw that Ishmael was alive and had been slaughtered in his place. This is the reason why Muslims will continue to sacrifice animals from that day to the present day. It is a reminder of this event.

Therefore, it is also called Bakra Eid or Eid-ul-Adha

Who is obliged to make the sacrifice?:

It is the duty of all Muslims who are not indebted to anyone and have as much money as they are earning well.And Muslims who are poor, who are indebted to someone, and if they do not have money, they do not have a duty۔

Eid Messages:

Eid Mubarak

On Eid, people send loving messages to each other, those who have lost their calves are remembered. People who are in foreign lands go back home. It is a time of happiness.

Eid Mubarak images:

Eid Mubarak |Eid Messages | Eid Quotes |eid Mubarak images |Eid Mubarak wishes

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Eid Mubarak |Eid Messages | Eid Quotes |eid Mubarak images |Eid Mubarak wishes


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