Elephant Drawing Easy In Just 4 Steps

Elephant Drawing Easy, Today we make elephants. The elephant is a huge animal that is found in different colors in the world but mostly its color is black. It has four legs, it has 2 teeth that keep coming forward, it has more food teeth and shows teeth and it has a trunk. Which is a very long from which you drink water, in which at least 22 liters of water comes at a time.

The skin of an elephant drawing is very thick. If it is hit with a sharp object, then there is no effect on it. It is believed that an elephant should never be shown a mirror. Because he goes mad after seeing the mirror and it can cause loss of life or property or injury to someone. The elephant is a giant animal. The length of an elephant is 10 to 12 feet. Its ears are very big. Today we will make elephant drawings easily well step by step.

Material Used in Elephant Drawing Easy

To make an Elephant Drawing Easy, we need a pencil, an eraser, and a cutter to peel the pencil. To make this, we need white paper on which we will make a drawing.

To make it, we will follow some simple steps. which is as follows

Step:1 Start Draw With The Tail Of an Elephant

Elephant Drawing Easy

First of all, take the white paper and make a pencil from its center to make the front part of the elephant. keeping the tip of the pencil on the page assuming a center and moving. You move the pencil from front to back. After taking it till converting that part into the tail of an elephant.

And the front part of the elephant makes the suit part round, moving the pencil slowly, making it a little parabolic, and then taking it towards the back. The next part is to double it by giving a gap of about 88 mm and increasing the size up to about 12 mm. We give this part to all the teachers of the elephant’s mouth.

Step:2 Draw the Legs and Ears of an Elephant

Elephant Drawing Easy

He takes out two big elephant teeth in the front part of Eknath’s suit which looks complete and leaves one tooth behind because it is made in half with the help of a pencil. 3.3 parabolic marks are made on the feet of the elephant. And make the legs go round and round, walking back and forth on all fours, it seems like this walking. I hope you understand elephant drawing easily.

Keep the length of the legs the same and keep the front legs about 120 degrees ahead of the stomach. The elephant’s tail is made in small in size right between the legs. make the last part of the tail puffy. Which is set with the help of a pencil. By setting the nails of the feet with the help of a pencil, make the lower part of the feet equal, which appears to be flattened.

Step:3 Draw All Legs And Teeth

Elephant Drawing Easy In Just 4 Steps

In this part, we make the eyes of the elephant. The eyes of the elephant are round and big, their working system may not be the same as it is, but we make them with the help of a pencil. Elephants’ ears are very big, that’s why make a big ear structure about 12 cm away from the eyes with a pencil.

To make the elephant’s ear, make it round with a pencil by moving it round up and down and rotating it in a big part while suiting it as you can see in the drawing. Just below the trunk of the elephant, two small triangles are connected in this way. The feet of the elephant is made flattened from the bottom, in reality, the size is about 1 to 2 feet in the elephant drawing easy.

Step:4 Elephant Drawing is completed

Elephant Drawing Easy

After preparing the structure of the elephant drawing easy, now we will make shading in it with the help of a pencil. In this, the center part of the eyes is darkened with a pencil and the nearby part is shaded with a light pencil. Fill the last part with the help of a pencil and leave the 3 nails in front of the feet of the elephant, setting the side of the last part of the tail well with a pencil.

By making the trunk part of the elephant drawing easy, we proceed by setting it well, after filling it completely, with the help of a pencil, shading its different parts in different ways, as you can see in the elephant drawing easy. Highlighting and shading are done with pencil only. Our drawing is now ready by becoming, while making all the parts, use a pencil carefully and run it in the same way as the wife uses a pencil.

Watch the following video

So, friends, this is a video tutorial of elephant drawing easy, which will be very beneficial for you, the way we want to show them in this way, please video tutorial, and I will give you the complete method. I hope you like the video tutorial of this elephant drawing easy.

This elephant drawing easy has been used in such a way that some business is stopping biscuits, that too in a very simple way. In this, you have been told very well that how to draw the first fight is a very important thing, you need to take care like if you are stopping for 20 minutes for some kind of drawing, then you have to be very careful. Do it so that you are not making mistake in any way, if you make mistake then you have to make a drawing from starting because we will do it from the last message.

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