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Environment day drawing | Easy Drawing in Four Steps

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in today’s blog post. In today’s blog post, I have provided drawing environment day. Hope you all like this drawing. Friends, all of you must know that how important feet plants are for us, so we should plant more and more trees. Hope you can understand my point. Friends related to the environment are already published on the blog, if you want, you can search by visiting the home page of our blog. This drawing has been specially made with the help of the Oil Pastels Course. Hope you have already arranged all the materials before making this drawing.

Friends, four steps have been given to make this drawing, in which some basic points are mentioned. A video tutorial has also been provided to make this drawing. Hope you all like this drawing video tutorial. Friends, if you want to make this drawing, then definitely read this article from beginning to end and read all the given steps and video tutorials of this drawing.

Environment day drawing

Friends, some basic points have been mentioned in the steps given below to make this drawing. I hope you all like this blog post.

Step:1 First of all you have to draw Circle

To make this drawing, first, we have to draw a circle whose size is medium. You will be able to see in the image of this step that the size of the circle has been kept. You will need equipment to draw the circle. We have to draw the perfect shape of the circle.

Step:2 Draw Trees, Mountains and Trunk

environment day drawing

So, friends, you will be able to see in the image of this step that we have drawn the trunk of the left side mountain Green tree and the Died tree and Trunk on the right side. I hope you all understand by this point. If you understand this step so you have to read the remaining steps of this Environment Day Drawing.

Step:3 Now you have to Fill Oil Pastels Colour in Trees and Sky

environment day drawing

So friends, now we have to use the oil pastels course. First of all, we have to fill color in the foot plants, then in the mountain. In the hills, we have to fill in the dark blue side and in the sky blue color on the right. After that, we have to fill color in the sky. First of all, we have to fill the sky with blue color on the left side of the sky. After that, we have to fill yellow colour on the right side.

Step:4 Draw Environment Day Drawing has been made

environment day drawing

So friends, now we have to fill color in our earth. On Earth, different colors have to be filled on both sides. On the left side, we have to show our earth as green and on the right side, we have to show our earth yellow. It only means that one side is green which means that trees are plants. And on one side there is a barren land.

Watch the Video of Environment Day Drawing