Face drawing | Easy Pencil sketch of Face in 5 Steps

Face Drawing, Today we will draw a girl’s face for which we will draw a girl’s face with the help of a pencil and take care of all the dimensions. In this, by keeping a girl’s face nearby, and measuring all its dimensions with the help of a scale, we will draw all the eye, ear and nose parts of the girl on the other side with a pencil.

She came out with a pencil, we will set it well, and we will make her hair well with a pencil, her hair is a little straight, for which we have to pull the lining down with the help of a pencil which the face and hair of the girl will be made well, we will make it in the way of dinner, if you are a beginner, then you can also learn to make it, follow us whatever step we will drive to make it for face drawing.

face drawing

Step:1 Draw Eyes and Eyebrows in Face Drawing

First of all, we will make the eyes and eyebrows of the girl properly, for which we will measure all the dimensions of the photo of the girl kept on the other side and the time in which the eyes have to be made on the other seat.

On that you will draw with the help of a pencil, for which we will run the pencil lightly and make a circle, why will we make the outer eyelid, all these things will be in the same place. For the place where it is in the second drawing, we have to take care of all the dimensions for this face drawing.

We will see the guideline for making from the second photo, we will make the eyebrows by setting them lightly with the help of a pencil. Just below that, we will make his eye, we will do the same work on the other side as well, we will draw all these guidelines with the help of pencil and scale, and we will run the pencil well all over the place. Shading the eyebrows completely will be done as you can see in the drawing.

Step:2 Draw Nose and Mouth

In this step, we will make the girl’s mouth and nose. For we will take the guidelines from the second seat which has the photo of the girl already, to make the nose, we will bring the pencil running down from the middle of the eye in face drawing.

After this, seeing a little gap in the middle, we will draw her lips, to draw the lips, we will move the pencil from one side to the other at the top of the blank. Now, like this, we will move downwards to make lips, in the middle, we will celebrate in the shape of a heart, but will add below like this, a line is needed in the middle as it is in the lips, then after that, we will do shading.

Just below the nose part, we will draw two heads tomorrow, which will be the holes inside his nose, which we will make round well, below that, with the help of a pencil, which is shade, now our nose and lips are ready.

Step:3 Draw the shape of a girl

In this, we will make the outer face of the girl, in which her chin, ear, and all the outer lines will be made well. The girl’s face is not straight but on the side. That’s why we will also make the left side ear, which we will make it slowly with the pencil, moving the pencil up and down to make the air in the face drawing.

After which similar calls will be made in his inner area as well, and the pencil will be brought down from near his ear for a little while going down. Taking it from here, we will leave it upwards on the other side, now we will run a light cancel on the top of the forehead, due to which the hair will also be coming out there, we will do all these steps carefully in the face drawing.

Step:4 Draw Hairs

In this step, we will make the hair of the girl. To make the pencil hair, we will move the pencil from 6 to the bottom in a straight line, all these hairs should be exactly the same. Like it is in the first photo of face drawing.

Her hair is loosely tied on the top side, so make all her hair well by bringing it downwards with a pencil and making a little bit of it. After this, to celebrate the part of his neck, we will draw this downward line, in the backside, we will draw a downward line like this from behind the hair.

The ear part will be made well in a completely dark way for this face drawing, and the hair near it will also be made well, from there we will draw a line towards the back which will be called his bag neck. Do this step by step,

Step:5 Now we have to sketch

We will do the setting on her face, for which we will set the pencil by moving the pencil from behind her eyes and lightly moving the pencil on her eyebrows. Just below that, now we will run the pencil lightly in a dotted manner, then after that, we will keep that thing with the finger so that it fails completely for this face drawing.

Now below this, we will do the other side also well. Her hair will also be set well with the help of a pencil. To make his face in 3D, we will make a dot on it with a small pencil made lightly, we will make those dots very close. And then keep it with the help of finger cotton.

Your highlighting can be done well, in such a way that you will run the pencil on her lips, then you will complete several, and after that show the highlighting well. All this work should be done carefully so that no mistake can be made, we will run the pencil as much as we need. I hope you all like this face drawing.

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